Open Door… been a while…

Quick reminder… EC has slashed prices on more than 150 titles at places like BN’s Nook store, the Kindle store and ARe.  If you’ve wanted to check out some of my EC titles, now is a good time.  There’s a link to Hunters Declan and Tori on my sidebar…it’s the featured read for the next few weeks.

I recently registered for the Moonlight and Magnolias conference in Decatur, Ga. I believe there is a booksigning…so I may be signing there in September.

I have copyedits.  Massive.  Not any rewrites, just line edits, typos, etc. I think it’s been probably well over a year since I’ve done any paper edits.  I think.  It’s weird.  One of my traditional pubs has switched to digital so having the pile of paper on my desk is weird.  I also have edits on Locked in Silence I need to get done.  They always hit in multiples, I swear.

It’s been a while since I had time to answer many Q’s.  But I’m not required to wear that other hat this week.  So, if anybody has any Qs…fire away…

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  1. Maybe you’ve answered this before (and if you have, feel free to send me on a hunt to find the answer ;), but one thing I admire a lot about you is that you seem to have a good balance between publishing your books traditionally and self-publishing.

    What made you want try both paths of publishing and what advice would you give someone considering following your footsteps?

  2. Ok my question is when do I get Locked in Silence… I so need a GRIMM fix!!!!!

    I think that is all I have right now… I have a headache, problem clients and deadlines… I can’t think… But if I come up with more questions I will ask.

  3. Alice, originally, the self publishing was an experiment.

    The first title, Hunter’s Choice, didn’t do all that well and I wasn’t planning on trying it again, but the market has changed alot.

    I had an idea for a book, BEG ME, and my schedule at Samhain had gotten messed up. The book was pretty much done. I wanted to get it out. I could wait a year before it came out, or I could do it myself.

    I decided to do it myself. It did…um… REALLY REALLY well. It’s been out since November but it still shows back up in the top #100 of erotica at Amazon. It’s sold easily double what my last two ebooks did. A lot of that could be because it’s a niche book, and ebooks really took off this last Christmas season with the readers and all.

    But since it did so well, and the self publishing thing is a very ‘free’ path for me-letting me write at my own schedule, my own pace, whatever ideas I want…well, it works for me.

    The thing is… it won’t work for everybody the same. I know BEG ME did well because of a number of factors-good cover art, I managed to did enough reviews to get word of mouth going and timing. Plus, I can keep the prices on my stuff low. I also had a platform-newsletter, an established blog, etc. Newer writers may not have the same resources and they may have to do more leg work.

    Also… *G* I didn’t expect much to happen with it.

    Advice? Hire a good freelance editor. I’ve worked with several and I’ve enjoyed working with all of them, but I’m still new at this and still bouncing around-I guess I’m looking for a perfect ‘fit’.

    Get good cover art. You can find it. Unless you’re a graphic artist? Don’t do it yourself.

    There’s probably more, but I can’t think… O.o

    Kelly… lemme get it edited! :OP You get the ARCS cuz you’re awesome and you won them, but still… they need edits!! 😉

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