Did you review A Forever Kind of Love…?

I did a call for reviews on this but I can’t remember who.

A few reviews I found…

Single Titles review here

Long and Short Reviews here

Bookish Delights here

Joyfully Reviewed here

Crazy4Books here

I think the other reviewers are…(reviews not posted when I grabbed the links)


Did you review it?  Wanna share your link for my readers? Leave it in comments…any fair review welcome.  By fair, I mean an honest opinion where you’re not calling me a stupidhead, etc. If you wanna do that, feel free, I’m not going to say you can’t…except I will say you can’t do that on my blog.  As long as you keep it about the book, I’m fine with it reviews, opinions positive or negative.

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  1. Hi Shilo,
    I did do a review of “A Forever Kind Of Love” on goodreads.com but i’m not sure how to send you a link . you should still be able to see it as it is available to see by anyone.

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