We watched this last night.

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It was…weird.

This book is out now.  It’s not weird.

It’s awesome.  You should buy it.  But here’s some more info about it first.

I’m posting the winners for the drive money for Marion P’Udongo.   We didn’t hit 400 comments, but I’m going to see if I can’t donate the $400 anyway-waiting to see if something shows up soon.

There will be one extra ARC given away.  One random draw, one was the highest amount, the other was pretty close but she’s getting one, too, I think.  Then there’s the blogger…

Once more…Kelly M gets a prize, showing that what goes around comes around.

She donated the highest amount.

Kelly M, by now you know my email.  🙂 She gets an Hunter’s Fall ARC AND the arc stack-all of the ARCs, including the RS trilogy due out at the end of the year.  I think this is the third thing Kelly’s won from me.

Random winner

The random draw…


Because her comment really touched my heart
Casey H

and the blogger

Today is the last day to get Tempt Me for 99 cents.  Well, mostly.  It takes a few days to update.  But it will be gone soon…grab it while you can!

Kindle |SmashwordsNookARe

Hunter’s Choice is now on All Romance Ebooks/Omnilit (this is the short story that was in the mammoth book of vampire romance)

Hunter’s Choice

There you go.  That’s enough stuff.

6 Replies to “Stuff”

  1. HOLY CHEEZE WHIZ!!!!!!!
    I am so honored… So glad that I in a position in my life to be able to help out a little…
    Congrats to all the winners!!!!! I am looking forward to read them all….

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I bought Tempt Me. Will need to write smashing reviews for that & Beg me.

    Congrats ladies.

  3. Congrats ladies!! And yes…go and pick up Eternal Rider. Ares…broody and smexy all in once very nice package LOL! ;).

  4. I love your books . I try to keep up with my emails and don’t get to some for two or three days

  5. Hey Patricia,
    Are you referring to the email letting you know about blog posts? They should come in each afternoon (EST time). Have you checked spam folder just to make sure they aren’t getting sent there on occasion? Maybe add that email addy to your “safe” list just to ensure it always goes to the inbox.

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