If you had a chance to save a life…

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In your lifetime, there are few moments when you’re given the opportunity to directly save another person’s life.-Bryan Mealer, HuffPo

If you had a chance to save somebody’s life, and it didn’t take all that much… would you do it?  Well, here’s that chance…

A few days ago, I blogged Marrion P’Udongo, a minister in the Congo who has dedicated his life to his people. Not just ministering to them in the way people might think…but risking his life on a regular basis.

Paraphrased…he says…(paraphrased because I suck at trying to get exact words down)

“My job as a minister isn’t just about trying to lead people to heaven, but caring for all of them while here on earth.”

In 2003, he hid 70 people in his house as the militia tore the town apart.  He could have been killed for what he did…but he did it anyway.

He has reached out to the child soldiers in the Congo, trying to give them the chance to be children…not child soldiers, but children.

He’s a voice for the numerous women and girls who are raped in the eastern Congo.  He works with orphanages that care for the children who’ve lost their parents in the war.

He’s a husband.  He’s a father.  He’s a hero.

He’s also dying.  He was recently diagnosed with acute renal failure and he needs a transplant.  You can imagine they probably don’t have the sort of resources in the Congo that might be found in other countries.

While the loss of any life is tragic, this man is a hero who has touched countless lives in that bit of the world-and you rarely hear much about the devastation there, the horrors, the tragedies.  Wars have raged there for years.  Yet all we hear is a blip every now and then.

Children living as soldiers.  Families slaughtered. Women and girls are endlessly raped, their abusers never brought to justice.  This man is one of the few that will speak for them.  And if he dies…will there be another to take his place?

Some of the pastor’s friends are trying to raise money via indiegogo to pay for the transplant and time is running out.  I made a donation but I want to do more.   Romanceland has rallied behind communities devastated by hurricanes and it’s rallied behind the black-footed ferret…maybe we can do something to help this amazing man.  This is a small something, but everything starts small, right?

So… for every comment left here in this thread, up to four hundred, I’m donating an additional dollar on top of my previous donation.  If 400 comments are left (at my blog-not FB, Goodreads, etc) I’ll donate $400.  Now… to help maybe inspire others to give…if you donate via this page (they accept paypal, too, so international readers can enter!) with a minimum donation of $5.00 via paypal, then your name is entered to win:

  • an ARC of Hunter’s Fall, personalized to the winner, drawn randomly

Any donation of $5.00 or more to the fund will be entered.  You can simply forward the confirmation from Indiegogo to contest4shiloh@gmail.com and that will be your entry.  I received mine and there is no personal data included, no name, address, nada.

Now… anybody who’s hung out at my blog has probably noticed I kind of believe in the power of giving-there’s a sort of magic to it.  Karma, reap what you sow…good things come back on those who give.  Not right away, but it happens.  Sometimes in hidden blessings, sometimes in more obvious ways, but there is power in it.

Whoever makes the largest donation to help this amazing man is going to receive huge, sloppy kisses from me…um, scratch that… how about books.  An ARC stack.

*this is all all or nothing-one winner gets them all*

  • An ARC of Hunter’s Fall
  • ARCs of all three books from my upcoming romantic suspense trilogy
  • An ARC of my upcoming Grimm book, Locked in Silence

ARCs will not be immediately available…will be mailed later, but the recipient will get them before release date, I promise.

And…if you’re a blogger and you want to help out even more…click here.

Info gathered via indiegogo, HuffPo and various googles…

250 Replies to “If you had a chance to save a life…”

  1. Fantastic – I hope this really gets things moving, Shiloh. I’ve been following this since July…
    Thanks for your generosity!

  2. Wow, this is awesome. I wish I had the money to make a donation, and not for the ARC’s. I hope that this simple comment helps in some way, it’s the best I can do right now.

  3. Wow…you are an inspirational person and so are the people you try to help!!

  4. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I donated what I could and I hope others do the same.

  5. Shiloh, I would so help him raise.money by donating but I’m not working and am living.with my mother….yes…I said it….sigh…..

    She’s so wonderful for supporting me.while I fight my battles and my illnesses. If there is anything I can do besides donate money, please let me know. I will forward this information on my Facebook page and twitter it. That’s the LEAST I can do for someone who helps so many….both of you….you help so many with these contests.

    Blessings to you!

  6. This is a wonderful thing your are doing Shiloh, by bringing this to so many of our attentions. I never heard of Marrion P’Udongo until I saw the info on your blog.

  7. You”re amazing with your awareness of world current affairs. You too are a hero for the unsung, unknown heros.

  8. Thanks for sharing this with all of us, Shiloh. I’m going to donate and click on the section for bloggers. Want to get this information out to as many people as possible.

  9. I just finished a book about the DRC, and it sounds as if the people there can use all the help they can get. I hope you make it to 400.

  10. Recently started following on facebook and I love that you do this. I hope you reach the 400 comment goal.

  11. I love how much you care and put yourself behind what you stand for. Good luck Shi.

  12. This made me cry. I mean, I really just broke down and cried when I read this. So many people who stand up for what they believe in, who stand up for what’s right, end up losing their lives far too young. (I have no idea how young Marrion P’Udongo actually is, but he’s certainly too young to die!)

    I’m a full time college student, with a part time job. I’m struggling to pay my bills, save enough money to buy a new car (well not a new one, but one that’s new to me), and I know just how much every dollar counts. But I’ll do my part and donate what I can! Thank you for sharing this.

  13. Thank you for sharing a such inspirational story that made me cry…
    Hope you reach your goal! x

  14. I saw a special on the rape victims in the Congo a few moths ago, and I still have occasional nightmares. I hope he’s able to get his transplant and have a chance to continue helping his congregation.

  15. Hopefully we can get this up to 400 comments before the weekend is over…that would be awesome. 🙂

  16. I hope you reach the 400 comments. If I could donate I would, but unfortunately, like so many others, my finances just wont allow it. I haven’t even been able to make my normal donations. I love that you’re doing this.

  17. What a wonderful thing you are doing! I hope you reach 400 comments very soon. Here’s to a great cause.

  18. Fantastic post Shiloh, I really hope you manage to reach 400 comments. I’m about to go & start spreading the word

  19. That was an amazing story! Con grats your philanthropy, and I hope the best for that good man.

  20. It’s amazing how little we hear about the atrocities and those who are helping to stem the tide in the developing world without access to adequate health care. Thanks for always passing along what comes your way.

  21. I wish I was in a position to do more than just comment and RT. Big (((((huggles))))) and kudos to Shiloh!

    Go 400!!

  22. Shiloh, this is a truly wonderful act and I was genuinely, profoundly moved by your post. You’ve proven yourself a good friend to me, and I’m glad to have this chance to pay it forward for you. 🙂


  23. This is a great thing you are doing along with an earlier post to donate to Australian flood victims. You have a very good heart.

  24. My uncle was lucky enough to have 2 kidney transplants (at 20 years intervals) and he’s just 48 years old. I signed my card to give my organs the day I turned 18 =)

    Any idea how much money they need to raise?

  25. Shiloh- I haven’t yet read any of your books but I am now a major fan. You touched me so much with this message. I was an anti-genocide advocate in my undergrad, so stories like these touch my soul. Thanks for your efforts, and Marrion P’Udongo is in my prayers.

  26. Shiloh, this is so wonderful. I first heard of the Pastor when my friend Bryan sent an email about the indiegogo effort, and it sounds as though the Pastor is a truly special person. I made a small donation, but have been tweeting as much as possible about it (hopefully without being obnoxious) in hopes that his life can be saved. Thank you. This is a truly generous gesture on your part.

  27. thanks for all the comments, guys and thanks to everybody who has donated and spread the word. I hope we can raise enough awareness about this amazing guy.

    And guh… what I’m doing is easy enough-blogging doesn’t take much. I just hope it helps.

  28. It looks like I’m #77, a lucky number for someone.

    I’d like to donate, but I simply don’t have the money right now.

    I hope it all works out.



  29. I wish 10,000 people could be made aware…& that every one would donate $1.00…That’s 10,000 people made aware & $10,000.00! Why, world? Why?!

  30. Wishing I could give $, but all I’ve got are best wishes that you see your goal met and even exceeded! Makes me wish I hadn’t spent $18 on that Lord of the Rings book last week or I could’ve given a bit…

  31. Shiloh,

    This is a worthy cause. Hoping you reach your goal.

    CIndy (kigelikitten on twitter)

  32. Thanks for letting me know about this, Shiloh. Pastor Marrion’s story has really touched my heart and I’m tweeting and emailing and facebooking to get the word out about his story. If you tweet about him, please use the #pastormarrion hashtag so we can get it trending! 10 new donations in the last day, which is awesome, hopefully we can increase that traffic.

  33. This man is amazing and if half the world had 1% of his humanity, I am convinced there wouldn’t be the problems or wars we are experiencing. Let’s hope many people spread the word and each give even $5.

    You are a very giving woman, Shiloh

  34. Wow. First off, what you’re doing is fantastic. Secondly, this man sounds amazing. To hear stories like this touches the heart and gives hope to humanity. He will be in my thoughts for a successful recovery <3

  35. My friend Nikki from Ramblings of a Chaotic Mind linked me in. I’ll gladly leave my comment for the cause.

  36. A wonderful way to raise money for a person who certainly deserves all the help he can get.

    Great thought, Shiloh!

  37. I can’t donate, but I can comment. Shout out to Nikki Brandyberry for posting this on FB.

  38. A fantastic cause and a very generous thing to do! 😀
    Adding to the comments to help reach your goal!

  39. These are the kinds of things that break your heart. I hope you make it to 400.

  40. I’ll do what I can to help. Maybe you could auction a set of your signed books to the highest bidder on E-bay? Let’s hope Karma pays him back!

  41. Love this. I’m happy to contribute a comment here and then a few bucks to the donation site. Thanks for posting this!

  42. Many blessings for doing this! Unemployed at this time, but I’ll spread the word…

  43. I wish I had the money to donate, but since I don’t I will gladly leave this comment and thank you Shiloh for all that you continue to do. Thank you for making all of us more aware. I just prayed for this man and his family and I hope to continue to do so.

  44. Finally got a chance to go online to add my post. Really hope you can make it to 400. Thank You.

  45. This is so amazing. I’m adding my drop to the bucket with the hope that it helps. Heaven has specially reserved seats for men (and women) like this.

  46. May God bless him with enough time for this to be successful and may God bless you for bring this to our attention.

  47. In this time and age, we forget to help other people. This is a good cause. Thanks for letting us participate.

  48. Such a good cause, Shiloh. My mother is in kidney failure, so this is a cause near and dear to my heart. I hope they both get the help they need.

  49. We put good things out there, they will come around…hope this helps…we may need help one day too!!!

  50. “If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.” ~Bob Hope

    Hope you reach your goal! BTW, read “Beg Me” last night, LOVED it!


  51. Pay it forward! Taking a moment to put positive energy out there…for all who need it!

  52. The world can be a dark place but this man bring light to the darkness. God bless

  53. Let’s get to 400. Hello everyone who read this. I hope you’re having a good day!!!

  54. I may not have a blog, but I tweeted this post to help. This is an amazing man, doing amazing things. I can’t even imagine the lives he has touched… Good for you, Shiloh!

  55. This is a wonderful goal. And he proves that humanity is not lost in today’s world. Hope you reach the goal and then some.

  56. I’m always touched by the generosity of bloggers. Thank you so much for this amazing gift. I’ll be sending more readers your way, right after I go make a donation, and stop to buy a couple of your books.

    Thank you.

  57. I hope the ultimate goal is reached in time for a man such as this to be saved!

  58. I am so sorry to hear about the pastor’s health problems, I will pray/and keep him/his family in my thoughts and prayers. He is doing such an amazing job…

  59. This is a great cause and I think you’re wonderful for what you are doing. I hope you reach your goal as quickly as possible. This has made me an even bigger fan of your work. God bless Minister P’Udongo and you, Shiloh.

  60. wow he is amazing and i wish him the best your wonderful for wanting to help id love to help but as i am pennyless and been out of a job for 2yrs i cant donate anything no matter how much i want to. keep spreading the word to help and i will as well

  61. Half way there! I’m sending a few other people over here. Thanks for the heads up

  62. Commenting to help you reach your goal…I would love to donate 5 dollars myself, but paypal won’t let me. Not sure what is wrong…but it won’t work. Sorry!

  63. I’m excited to be a part of this. I may be 1 person to late so I will make a small donation through paypal.

    Thank you for caring and sharing this story.

  64. What a wonderful cause and you are amazing SHiloh for drawing our attention to it. After reading your post I’ll go and research Marrion P’Udongo and his work a bit more.

    Thank you and I hope enough donation will be made to save his life!!

  65. I think this is just a fantastic cause and it is sao great how you are using your popularity to promote issues like this! Thankyou so much! I am so glad to know that by just commenting on this, I could save a man’s life! Wow! That’s wonderful! I will definitely be donating! 😀 <3 <3

  66. It’s good to know that there are people out there like him. I was starting to loose hope they disapeared…or were just fiction.

    Hope he gets well, and also this is so generous of you 😀

  67. I don’t think I commented on this post before. How in the world did I miss this?

    I really need to keep my head out of my rear…

  68. What a wonderful man this decade’s Mother Teresa I hope you meet your goal.

  69. He sounds like a wonderful man we need here on earth to keep working his magic.

  70. The world is in need if more heroes. I am at a loss for how much one person can make a difference.

  71. Just found out about this. I remember how you came to my rescue also so I want to add my blessings to your efforts.

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