What’s new…

So there is something hidden somewhere on the site.

Who is going to be the first to find it?  No hints.  No clues.  No nothing.  But there’s something, and I mean something specific.  Where is it… can you leave a link in the comments?

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  1. Hidden? That’s the word that got me stuck. I clicked through on everything. I think. The “New” thing I found was on the About, Disclaimer page. It’s new info as of 1/29/2011. But it isn’t hidden. Oh, I hate these types of things because I can never figure it out! I like Savannah’s answer because I like the top banner. But I don’t think that is right either. Pooh!

  2. It’s not the excerpt from Hunter’s Fall is it? I thought I had read all your excerpts from before but I could have missede that one.

    Dang it Shiloh, I’m suppose to be writing an article on onions, not looking up fun stuff on your site.

  3. Nope…that isn’t either. Though, I’m super excited for that signing. Fingers crossed it won’t snow that weekend like it did last time. Ruined my plans to head up…*sigh*.

    OK, small, tiny hint. The new thing has something to do with something Shiloh doesn’t like to do…something she tweeted about having a “fear” of doing, and no, she didn’t say “what” exactly, but… Help? *G*

  4. Hmm….according to her tweets….she fears editing books, she hates working out, she fears talking about her books unless she’s got definite info on them…hmmm, what else? Must go look again. lol

  5. I haven’t found it yet but I am going to guess it has something to with hitting the send button with her latest masterpiece!

  6. *sigh* Brats 😛 Well here I am commenting on the blog. The “author pic”?
    The whole “fears” thing is throwing me off. Skydiving? Wearing a bikini? What? 😛

  7. I can’t find it! I hate when I think I know but don’t know where to look! I’m hoping its me anyway!

  8. Lime just got it. Yes, it was the author pic. I HATE cameras.


    And this was one of my weird, impromptu contests… Lime, email me!

  9. lol Brat. And thanks <3

    Mad – I saw it too, and didn't think much of it, but the whole "fear" thing got me.

    Haha, Shi- my sister from another mother 😉

  10. I knew you hated pictures but truly, when I saw it I just passed it by because I thought it had something to do with the book pages.

    Lime — agreed…the word “fear” had me looking elsewhere because I knew she hates having pics taken.

  11. okay… well, the ‘fear’ thing has more to do with my privacy issues than a camera phobia, but still. boils down to the same thing. and hey! author photo!

  12. OMG I almost said that picture…but then I thought to myself “What if she put that up 6 months ago and you didn’t notice? You will be admitting it.” *snort* By the way, that is a very cool picture.

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