Saturday Snippet…okay, so it’s longer than a snippet

But still… from If You Know Him, book three in the RS trilogy due out either late this year or early next.

“I’m going to my hotel,” she announced, flashing her keys at Law.


Two seconds later, the keys were no longer in her hands.

She wiggled her fingers, looking for the keys.

They weren’t there.  Frowning, she checked her pocket again, then the floor.  Where had they gone?

They jangled and she looked up, scowled when she realized Law had them.

“Come on, gorgeous.  I’ll get you back to the hotel.  You can thank me in the morning when that bike of yours is still in one piece…and you are, too.”  Law slid an arm around her waist.

She started to jerk away from him.  “I don’t let anybody touch my bike.”  But even as she started to pull away, she relaxed against him, wondering why she would want to pull away. He smelled…wonderful.  Like…well, a guy.  Warm, sexy, like soap, grass and beer.  Something else, too… hmmm, books, she thought.  He kind of smelled like books.   She liked it.  A lot.

Turning her face into his neck, she breathed him in.  “Hmmm. You can’t touch my bike,” she said.  “But maybe you can touch me.”

Law grimaced as she slid a hand under his shirt.  Her fingers were cool, sleek and wicked against him, tracing against his skin with no hesitation and all sorts of determination.

If he lived through the night, he deserved a nomination for saint-hood.

Maybe he should have told Leon to call it quits before she’d ordered that fourth round.  But right up until she’d gone to slip off her stool, she’d been steady as rain.  Barely even a glint in her eyes to betray that she was anything beyond sober.

But then she slid off the stool and although she wasn’t slurring her words, wasn’t tripping over her feet, it was pretty clear she wasn’t sober.  There was also the fact that she had her hand under his shirt, sliding over his belly like she was petting a cat.

Damn—he wouldn’t mind being a cat, for her.

Aw, fuck…now she was toying with his belt buckle.  It was his turn to stumble a little as he led her over to the door.  Yeah, not entirely sober, there and damned if he wasn’t going to suffer for it.

“I like the way you smell,” she muttered.  She tipped back her head to stare at him.  “Like it a lot.  You gonna come to the hotel with me?”

“Yeah.  I’ll come back with you.”  To tuck you into bed…right before I go home and take a cold shower.

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  1. *whimper* I want these books NOW!!! And just how long is it going to be? You are a meanie! 😉

  2. Why do I get the feeling that the cold shower doesn’t happen? She seems pretty persuasive LOL!

  3. Oh cruel…what a tease..I want to read this so badly now 😛 And we have to wait too long *pouts* Yeesh, I pray one day I’ll be able to grab a reader this way with just a little of a scene…You rock.

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