Frustration, thy name is…

So anybody who follows me on twitter knows that the above pic has probably described me for the past few weeks.  Edits.  On Nessa.  Ebil.

The ebil ended at 11:48 12/31/2010.  I finished the edits, sent them back to the editor and YES… I am done.  Naturally, I tweeted.  I’ve had a few people ask why this book was driving me so crazy.

Well.  It’s Nessa, for one.

Another reason, I found a timeline thing-I might have been overthinking it, but it wouldn’t get out of my brain until I fixed it (and even after) and then I worried I’d missed something, so I’ve been over the fricking book about five times.

Also… it’s Nessa.  You see, Nessa is a fricking pain in the butt.  I don’t know if I’d told anybody that.  She couldn’t have an easy story. Nooooo…


But… yay! It’s done.

And off my lap, off my desktop, back into the hands of my editor.  Until the next round…O.O

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