Eleven Things on 1.11.11

I had another post set to go live today. But instead, it’s an 11 sort of day, with it being the eleventh day of the eleventh year.

So here are 11 things I’d like to see happen in 2011…

  1. I want my family to stay safe, happy & healthy.
  2. I’d like to go the rest of the year without getting sick.  PERIOD.  Since I’m sick now, this is like uber-important.  I even have a shiny new sick for me-I have pleurisy.  This is new for me.  DO NOT LIKE.
  3. I’d like to be able to run 4 miles.  Which means…I need to STOP GETTING SICK.
  4. I want to sell the two projects I have floating out there.
  5. I want to take my family on really cool vacation, some place we haven’t been before.  If I sell those books, I could maybe do this.
  6. I would like to see more of a focus in general on piracy.  I’m already seeing this, so hey, maybe it will happen.  Folks…if you got new eReaders for Christmas, please try to remember, piracy is bad.  If you want to see writers continue to write, they do need your support.  Writers write because it’s their job.  They get paid when people buy books.  If books aren’t bought, there is no guarantee they’ll get future contracts.  We work hard.  Don’t steal from us.  Downloading illegally is theft.  Buying from those people who claim to have ‘master resale rights’ on sites like ebay & ioffer?  Yes, this is also theft, because those rights they claim to own?  NOT REAL.  More on that here
  7. I want to try out more indie projects like BEG ME
  8. I want to see my name on a major list…pretty please, God?
  9. I want to lose these last twenty pounds.
  10. I want to see my kids continue to do well in school
  11. I want to go to at least one new writer’s convention

If you’ve got an 11 on 11, leave it below… 🙂

3 Replies to “Eleven Things on 1.11.11”

  1. What a fantastic list…My only big thing is to have a better year in 2011. Not a repeat of 2010…I hope that all the stuff on your list happens…

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