A Mama Moment

Was at the store and ran into the monster’s teacher from last year. We said hi, I mentioned monster was doing well this year, liked his new teacher, blah blah blah… then I also told him that monster had tested into the accelerated program. The teacher wasn’t surprised, said that was where monster needed to be.

I kind of laughed and mentioned that I’d be so worried because monster’s current teacher had kept sending home notes about parent/teacher conferences-previously, I’d never had to go. They’d always been optional and I never messed with them because I kept up with the teachers through volunteering. But this time, it was very clear it wasn’t optional and I worried monster had been talking too much, playing too much, causing trouble, not turning work in-SOMETHING.

I even had monster worked up because he knew he’d be in major trouble if he’d been acting out in school. Once the conference had rolled around, we get there, sit down. Teacher smiles and says…’The main reason you’re here is because I’d like your permission to have him tested for the accelerated program…’

The previous year teacher laughed as I told him how worried I’d been that monster had been talking too much/playing/etc, etc. And… here’s the proud mama moment. He smiled and told me, “He’s that last one I’d worry about that sort of thing with. He’s one of the best students I’ve ever had.”

Sniffle. Good little monster. Although he’s not really so little anymore…

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  1. Awwwww. Now that’s the kind of “Mama Moment” you love to have!!

    Congrats to you both!



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