Weird and random rambles from yours truly

I haven’t been random in a while.  And I need random today because I can’t think.  Why?  Well, because Nessa is killing my brain.

I’m editing. Specifically, I’m editing this:

And it’s killing my brain.

The book starts out like this… (relax, it’s a romance, so it ends happy…)

“Ah, Nessa . . . my beautiful, foolish, wonderful girl. I love you so much. I will come back . . . I will find you again.”

He coughed and a sob wracked her body as she saw the blood trickle from his lips. “Promise me!” she choked. “You promise me! Promise me you’ll come back.”

“Only God Himself could keep me from you, love,” Elias whispered. He sighed and his entire body trembled. She could feel the pain tearing through him and she forced herself in between, using her power to separate him from the pain as she filtered it away. She could not heal him, could not save him—but she could damn well stop him from hurting.

The tension eased from his body and he breathed a little easier.

“Elias . . .” she moaned, wrapping her arms around him.

“Just hold me, Nessa,” he murmured. His voice was weaker. Lifting her head, she stared down at him, brushing his hair back from his battered face. “I do wish I had listened to you, my beautiful witch.”

Closing her eyes, she whispered, “Just come back, Elias.”

“My Nessa.”

But that’s how it starts.  And do you think she gave me an easy time with it? Nooooooo.  Put her on the PITA character list.  PAIN IN THE ASS.

I want this book case. Badly.  It’s a case of bookcase lust.  It’s from Levenger, though, which means it’s expensive as hell for the entire thing.

I had a blog up at RT go up yesterday-all about author drivebys.  What’s an author driveby?  Check it out.

I’m now well over the halfway point on The Departed.  FYI, this one is gut-ripping.  I kind of feel bad for Taylor.  No wonder the guy is such a cold bastard.  Sigh.

Okay.  There’s some rambles.  Enough to fill a blog post anyway…ciao!

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  1. I hope Nessa can be more cooperative soon, as for the book case I love that but afraid to go look more closely , the price might send me into shock lol.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year.

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