Sigh… I hate lousy customer service…Chicstar

PSA for my twitter friends… since I tweet-shop so much and with the holidays coming up?  Well, I dunno if you wanna order from or not.

That was one place I’d previously done a lot of tweet-shopping, but I just had a LOUSY customer service experience.

I’d ordered this gothic fishtail skirt-I loved it.  I was going to need get the waist taken in and I’ve only worn it like three times-it’s not really something you can wear to just go grocery shopping and it’s not really child-wrangling clothing, either.

But it’s excellent for date night… or booksignings.

And I had a booksigning on Saturday.

On Friday when I went to go iron it?

One of the metal grommet loop thingies?  It was coming out of the seam and the ribbon was loose, too.

Now again… I’ve worn this thing three times.

So I emailed customer service at Chicstar.  It’s a private business and generally, the customer service at those places?  Stellar.

Not so much here.  I was told… “t seems that this skirt doesn’t fit you well, so when you wear it, it was splited, such this condition, i’m afraid that we can not refund your money.”

Um… wrong.  It fits me pretty damn perfectly, save for the waist, where it’s loose.  They can’t make that determination by looking at a picture.  That sort of thing can also happen if the stitching isn’t solid.  And the lower loop where the seam is ripped?  Nooooo… it didn’t fit me poorly there at all.  That was below my big butt, thanks.

And I didn’t want a refund.  I would have preferred them be willing to replace it, as the skirt should have held up for more than three damn wearings, and none of them were longer than a few hours.

Anyway… long story short?  The customer service doesn’t seem all that hot.  Those who saw me tweeting about this place?  You might want to do your shopping elsewhere, folks.