Christmas contest…who wants books…

12/29/2010 UTA: Contest is over.  Winner to be posted within a week of today.

Or rather… who wants book money?  Everybody likes book money right?  Readers at least.

So here’s your chance for $30 in book money, a gift certificate to Borders (if you’re international, go ahead and enter…I’ve got a substitution in mind just in case.


How to enter?  Just tell me the one thing you’d wish for if you could have any Christmas wish you wanted.  Anything in the world.  Me?  I’d take my family on a trip to Ireland, Scotland and England.

And my normal yadda yadda rules…

Give away open across the globe, and reminder…if you enter, as per my disclaimer, that means you’ve read my disclaimer. O.o  So if you haven’t, you might want to.

Standard, abbreviated run down…

  • don’t post to twittersweeps or sweepstakes sites-if this happens, I reserve the right (and likely will) to end the contest without awarding the prize.  This annoys me.  These contests are for readers and visitors, not contest patrols.
  • it’s your responsibility to check back and see if you’ve won-I don’t notify the winner.
  • One entry per household
  • Open across the globe
  • You must enter via my blog, not goodreads, facebook, etc
  • For the rest…read the disclaimer.

Contest will run for about a week, with the winner to be posted to the blog about a week later.  If you aren’t sure you’ll remember to check back, you can always sign up to have my blog feed emailed to you!  It’s that little box at the top left hand side of my blog.

82 Replies to “Christmas contest…who wants books…”

  1. My wish would be the money to pay off my house. Then I would have extra money each month and could afford to do more with my family. I would also not need to worry as much about whether my job is secure in today’s economy.

  2. My Christmas wish would be a brand new car. I need one so badly, we only have one car right now & it is such a PITA!

  3. I would take the family to either Disney World or Washington DC before the younger finishes high school.

  4. My Christmas wish is to buy loads of books! I also wish that I get placed in a good company for my summer internship.


  5. I’ve been all over the world with my husband but we have never visited Ireland together. I would love to stay someplace in the country and just “be” for a week or so.

  6. Selfishly, I’d like a new camera. I’m taking some photography classes, and I have my eye on a $500 Nikon.

    Non-selfishly, I’d like a lawyer for my mom and brother. My brother’s in the Navy and when he’s not in Texas (he’s currently in Virginia) my mother has no access to his daughter, because baby mama doesn’t like us. My brother’s trying to find away to transfer visitation rights to my mom for when he is out of state, but he doesn’t have a lot of free time and doesn’t know if it’s even possible.

  7. Honestly? Money. Dad needs dentures, and I’d love to put down or buy a house. Mom’s been unemployed for a year and we just crawled out of that pit. I suppose I should be cheerful, so yes. Money.

  8. Thanks for this opportunity. If I could have ANYTHING for Christmas it would be a HUGE raise at work. Enough money that my husband and I could live comfortably and start our family. (don’t tell him that last part) ;o) Right now, we’re on the (approximately) 5 year family plan. I would very much like to speed that up!

  9. It’s been raining for *days* here, so the best-sounding “anything for Christmas” right now is a week-long cruise somewhere warm. And dry. :p

  10. Anything? Well other than money to help with debt and raising young ones (9,8&5) it would be to make the kids health problems cease to exist. They’d be your average healthy kids with no more regular visits to the clinics at Riley. No more late nights worrying. That’s really all I want. Good health/no diseases. But since I can’t have that, how about more good books to read so I can escape for a while!

  11. What I’d like most for Christmas, isn’t for myself, it’s for my sister. I’d love for her to be able to get a new vehicle the one she has is barely working and she has to drive it every day for work.

  12. I’d like to take a trip to someplace warm for Christmas..That is my wish 🙂
    Happy Holidays!!

  13. If I could have anything I would build a new house on the family farm. We currently live in a very drafty house my grandmother lived in. It would be nice not to have to bundle up every night.

  14. If I could have anything for Christmas, I would send my parents on either a European vacation or a cruise as a thank you for all they have dine to help me out these last two years.

  15. I would like my family to be healthy & happy. I would try & teach the older kids & even adults to give to charity than to get the latest gadgets.

    There are a lot of things I want but I have everything I need: family & a few good friends. 😉

  16. I would love to go on a European tour with my sister, my dad and stepmother. But, my real wish would be that my stepmother could enjoy and eat as much food as she wanted while we were there. (She has a disease where her body cannot process and digest food.)

    Happy Holidays to all!

  17. Anything? Good dependable vehicle is number one at this point. It is so badly needed. The high mileage van I have now doesn’t even have heat in it plus a bunch of other stuff messed up on it. What a difference a good vehicle would make for the kids and I.

  18. I would wish for a laptop, also for the roads to stay clear of snow, I don’t want any accidents coming or going to my grandma’s!

  19. I want a full wall bookshelf for all my books. Right now I have a bookshelf in the bedroom (full) and one in my computer room (full). My husband said the way around the full bookshelves is to stop buying books…blasphemy!

  20. Hello,

    Thanks for the contest. I wish that my brother could be in two places at once. He cannot make it home for Christmas & this is the first one he has missed. Although, he is going to be celebrating with his wife to be, so I’m glad that he will still be having a good holiday.

  21. My Christmas wish would pretty much be a new laptop. My current one is absolutely shot (the hinges are crap, I have to lean the screen against something or else it goes FLOP–which is kind of funny, but still) and I’d love a new one for Christmas.

  22. My Christmas wish would be for that trip to Scotland coupled with a call from an agent saying they love my writing and they want me, oh and they have this publisher for my book… well ya’ know since I’m dreaming. 😀

  23. since this is a wish it would be that my horse was miracleously cured of his injury so he could race again. He would put his all into everything he did and hence hurt himself. Would love to have him back up to full injury free fittness again.
    His first and foremost on my mind at present as we’ve sold our lifestyle block and I’m having to find him a new home.

  24. My Christmas wish would be to take my extended family (including nephews and nieces) to Disneyworld. I’ve never been there (although I’ve been to Disneyland many times), and my family would enjoy it.

  25. My wish is to go Paris and London and I want to see where Princess Diana was laid to rest. After my bf proposes to me and we get marry and we become man and wife we go to see Paris as my childhood dream comes true.

  26. I’d love to take a trip to Australia and New Zealand with the family. Would have to be for over two weeks.

  27. I’m goign to dream big, I want a new home, I want to go back to the country have a stae of the art kitchen and an indoor in ground pool is a must!!

    Thanks for this contest!!! 🙂

  28. I would love to have the funds to take my family on a vacation visiting each of their most desired place. And enough books to enjoy on this LONG LONG vacation 🙂

  29. This year it would for my mom to recover completely from a double mastectomy with no complications or further treatment. Also for our family to be able to celebrate life together.

  30. my wish is to take my girls & myself to Italy…always thought it looked beautiful…the men and the landscape

  31. I would wish for money to pay my parents and inlaws mortgages off. Then they could retire and spend even more time with us

  32. If I had my wish it would be to have peace on earth, visit Greece, and take my husband to Alaska.

  33. I have been married 19 years and have yet to have a honeymoon, so I would love to have a honeymoon!

  34. I just wish that my family could all be together for the holidays. We are all spread out around the world and it would be nice to spend the holidays together for the first time in way to many years…

  35. I’d love to go on a cruise with my dad and brother to someplace beautiful and fun! I’ve also always wanted to go to the gorgeous historical sites in Europe and the Mediterranean. 🙂

  36. I would love to go see my family. Esp my grandparents who’s health has been failing them. Just to be able to see them and spend time with them and the rest of my family who is so far away.

  37. I would wish for this coming year to be as low-stress and happy as possible for each of my family members.

  38. It’s already snowing here and for a nice change I would love to take my family to Disneyland; we’ve never been there and I know when my kids were younger they asked to go but we couldn’t afford, still can’t so that’s why it’s my dream Christmas.

  39. oh wow, i would like to win a trip to europe – i would love for the kids to experience other cultures and see our friend in Czech. and spending money so when we are there we don’t have to worry.

  40. I’d settle for family together without an argument. That’s so not going to happen so I’ll be happy with winning the gift certificate so I can read my way through to 2012.

  41. To spend my Christmas with my family and husband. Husband is in the Navy. We have been luck to have him home for Christmas the last couple years but haven’t been able to go to WI where both our families are. We were high school and college sweethearts.

  42. To have my son and 11 month old grand daughter visit for Christmas! Haven’t spent Christmas with him in 5 years!

  43. I’d love to win the lottery but only because I have so many family members & friends I want to share it with. I also have a friend in the US who has huge medical bills (her daughter has health issues), something we don’t think about in Canada. I would love to say to her, “Here you go – paid in full”.

  44. If I could have but one Christmas wish, it would be to have my mother back sans Alzheimer’s.

  45. Oh gosh… One wish… This Christmas… Besides the normal stuff of everyone healthy and happy and loved…. I want all my bills paid off. Not to quit my job… but to not live paycheck to paycheck…
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

  46. I would wish for money so that my family could have enough money to pay off their bills and houses then to live comfortably.
    And go for a stress free breaks/ family visits/vacation for the next for, oh, the rest of my life. ;]

  47. If I could have any Christmas gift, I would have to wish for all my debt to go bye-bye (credit cards and student loans). I just graduated and those darned student loans are going to come due soon.

  48. Love your wish. Funny that the hubby and I are planning a trip right now to Ireland and Scotland. Without the our boys! My Christmas wish would to be able to have Christmas with my family. We live on opposites sides of the country. 🙁

  49. I would wish for the ability to take each of my family on the vacation of their dreams. Mine would be a train trip though Europe.

  50. I’m currently a 1st year student in med school and kind of failing in my biochemistry class so a passing mark on my last exam sounds good right around christmas. If that happens then at least I’d be a step closer to my lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

  51. My dream trip is visiting Scotland, Ireland, and England! My wish would be to win the lottery. There are so many people (including myself) and organizations I’d like to help with the winnings!

  52. Since I have lost the Christmas spirit in the past few years I think my one wish would be to find that old spirit. I would love to go out and cut down a live tree that won’t fit in my living room, have the kids (who are too old now to care)help me decorate it while drinking hot cocoa and eating more candy canes than we put on the tree, and fill under the tree with all the things I have had to tell the kids we just couldn’t give them this year.

  53. I’d love to have enough money to run a rescue for cats and dogs; provide free neutering/spaying services and have enough money to provide great lawyers to prosecute animal abuse.

  54. I would love to be able to pack up my kids and spend a month traveling though Ireland. We would rent a car and spend our nights at the fabulous b&b’s I keep hearing so many great things about.

  55. If I could have anything in the world for Xmas I’d wish for a cure for my cat and dog allergies. I so want an animal but can’t have one because I’m just too allergic.

  56. I would wish for a job that I will love and that won’t take me away from my 2 little ones.

  57. Like a lot of others, I’d like to become debt-free, a home owner as opposed to a renter, and to be able to help my friends with education accounts for their kids (7 kids amongst three families, all under 10).

    My dream trip would be to go back to Europe and the British Isles and Scandinavia, and spend time going back to places I’ve been, and find family that’s still there from when my father’s families emigrated to the US.



  58. Well, I would have wished for a new job, since I’ve been out of work for six months, but I already got that wish last week – I start a new job January 3rd. So now my wish would be to take a fabulous trip – and I’d choose Great Britain as well. It’s always been my dream trip and one day I’ll make it.

  59. I would love for my elderly parents’ health and mobility to improve. I also would love to be able to get pregnant.

  60. Would love to be able to take a year and just travel across the country with the family. Of course, that takes money, and there seems to be a short supply of that. We’ve driven cross country a couple times and the kids love it, but time is limited and you can’t see much when you only have 10 day round trip.

  61. That’s an easy one for me. If I could have anything I wanted I would wish for the stars to allign and have everything settle into place at my husbands job and make it so he can get transferred back home. My husband was transferred out of our home state about three years ago and we are three states away from my family. Not a big deal for him, he grew up in a Navy family and is use to all the moving. I gew up extremely close with my family and my mom and sis have always been extensions of me. It’s hard missing all the family bbq’s and get togethers and knowing I only get home to visit once a year now. I would want nothing more than to make my way home, if not for me but for my kids so they can be close with our family

  62. I would go back to my home state with my family and finally say goodbye to someone I loved.

  63. Well, mine’s not exotic but I’d love for everyone – my parents, my siblinbgs, in-laws, myself, etc to all be in perfect health. No more chronic illnesses, no injuries or illness, just whole and healthy. That’s a gift that can’t be bought.

    Thanks for the contest and I hope that you and your family have a good Christmas.

  64. I would love to have a working AC adapter to my laptop. 🙂

    Perfect health would be nice, too. The Adapter is more likely to happen 🙂

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