Cover teasing… and an excerpt this time…

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Another little piece of the cover from Hunter’s Fall…

“Have you lost your mind?”

She glanced behind her and the wind whipped her hair into her eyes, blinding her.  She caught it in her hand, holding it back from her face as she stared at Malachi.

Lifting a brow, she said, “Where the bloody hell did you come from?”

“What in the bloody hell are you doing?” he fired back.   “Damn it, you have gone insane.”

Malachi didn’t look too impressed with the view from the top of the skyscraper.  “I thought we had already decided on that particular subject, Mal.”

Although he didn’t age, Nessa decided he looked older now than he had a year before.  Something akin to guilt tried to stir within her, but she simply didn’t care enough.

She’d tried.  Well and truly, she’d tried to settle back into this life that had been thrust upon her, tried to view it as the gift everybody else made it out to be.  But then the one thing she had viewed as a gift—Mei-Lin—had been torn from her.  That girl…Nessa had loved that girl like a daughter.  More than.

She’d loved her and just like Elias, Mei-Lin had been taken away from her.

It was just too much.  That precious girl, all of her friends, all dead.

If this was the sort of gift life offered, Nessa wanted none of it.

Malachi, the poor fool, he worried.  All of her friends did.  Nessa wished she could care.

But she just didn’t.

Looking from Malachi, she cocked her head and stared down at the street.  “They are all in such a hurry,” she murmured.  She slid Malachi a glance and asked, “Why do you think mortals always rush to and fro, Mal?  Don’t they know that all that rushing accomplishes nothing?  They’ll still get sick. They’ll still suffer.  They’ll still die.”

“Lovely, morbid thoughts there, love.” He blew out a disgusted sigh and edged a little closer.  Stretching out his hand, Malachi quietly said, “Come down, Nessa.”

“Hmmmm…”  A gust of wind picked up and as she held out her arms, it slapped against her with an intensity that made her clothes flap around her and had her swaying near the edge of one of the tallest buildings in the world.

In the middle of the fucking day.  Malachi stared at her and then made the fool mistake of glancing down.  While he tried to pretend he wasn’t dizzy, Nessa giggled like a loon and murmured, “It almost makes me feel as though I could fly, Malachi.  Truly fly, like a bird.”

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  1. Love it… And this time I definitely see some sort of phantasmic reflection or at least I think I do ; )

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