Countdown to The First Book of Grimm… Contesty Fun & Giveaway

First thing-if you don’t already get my newsletter/enter my monthly contest, I finally got things straightened out and you can sign up/enter.  It’s through Access Romance and standard prize is a book from me.  You can enter here…

Next up.

The First Book of Grimm releases in two weeks!  Yay! This book has the first two Grimm stories, Candy Houses & No Prince Charming.

There is cool news with this… Barnes & Noble is featuring it on their new release tables-you know the tables up front where the trade paperbacks are?  Well, my Grimm are going to be up there!  To celebrate, I’m giving away a Nook.  Details on how to enter can be found here… upfront disclosure-this is a promotional thing for the print release-previous ebook purchases of the two novellas (Candy Houses and No Prince Charming) do not count.

There is a no purchase option available, but yes, the best odds are through purchasing the book.  If you’ve already bought the ebooks…well, hey… books make wonderful gifts…  😀

Also, for US residents, those who buy the book in store the first week of release can send me their receipt in exchange for a free gift…(supplies are limited) Details found here.  A note to my readers outside the States, I hope you can understand-I rarely have any geographical restrictions on contests/giveaways, but for reasons of practicality, I am doing so with this one.

Yet more Grimm fun~from 10/4 to 10/11, Borders is giving Crazed Hearts away for free at their ebook store.  I don’t believe you need a reader to read their formats (PDF should be one of them). **Okay, something is up with the giveaway because I can’t find Crazed Hearts listed.  Once I figure out what’s up, I’ll update.  Sorry!

Annnndddd… one last thing.  The next Grimm book releases late this month-Tarnished Knight.  If I can ever get caught up, I’ll post another excerpt.

5 Replies to “Countdown to The First Book of Grimm… Contesty Fun & Giveaway”

  1. I just bought Candy Houses and No Prince Charming for my new Nook. The hubby can’t complain about the number of books I have if he can’t see them.

  2. Brandy, I hope you enjoy them, but to enter the contest, I’m afraid it has to be the print version-The First Book of Grimm, as specified in the details of the contest page.

  3. Thanks Shiloh. Unfortunately the man of the house is putting his foot down about the number of print books so I’m still indulging myself with the books I want in e-format. I’ll just have to miss out on this contest…. this time.

    I do wish you many, many sells though.

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