Veil of Shadows…Random Excerpts/Saturday Snippets

No. It wasn’t him. As he turned to take down on the Raviners coming at her, she caught full sight of his face.

Syn hadn’t ever seen him before in her life and every instinct inside her screamed as he used his blade on one of the remaining Raviners, laying the thing’s neck wide open, nearly severing the head with one powerful blow. He moved like a pale shadow. Like death. Deadly and silent.

She couldn’t watch him, though, because she had still had one of the power-hungry creatures to deal with, close, too close, slashing at her with a blade of some foreign black metal.

The next time she saw the blond man, another Raviner had joined the mess of bodies on the forest floor.

Off to her right, Lee screamed and Syn turned just in time to see her friend go to her knees, clasping her head. A Raviner stood behind him, one pale hand lifted. Inside the depths of the thing’s robes, Syn could just barely make out the faint glimmer of its eyes.

Power. The thing reeked of it.

She jerked her pulsar up and aimed.

But before she could pull the trigger, a brawny arm came around the Raviner and then blood flowed as his neck was laid open. The Raviner collapsed to the ground, his blood bubbling out of the gaping wound in his throat. Xan…alive. Covered in grayish Raviner blood, but alive. Then he was gone, losing himself once more in the battle.

Fear left a metallic taste on her tongue. She didn’t fight it. She welcomed it. If she didn’t use the fear, it would use her.

Her gift whispered to her, begged to sink into the earth, to be set lose—to forge something larger than a ball of fire. Syn resisted. Not here. Not out in the open—using the bigger magic called too much attention. Instead, she lobbed fire into their faces, on after another and just hoped they’d burn like mad.

She shot a glance at the time and swore. Raising her voice, she bellowed, “Duck and cover!”

The ground started to rumble. What few remaining Raviners were there froze and then they darted into the forest. Seconds later, a deafening boom echoed through the woods. In seconds, the sky was obscured by smoke and debris.

Syn huddled against a tree, Xan’s body pressing into hers.

The earth shuddered, heaved. She caught the stench of wood burning—hot, acrid smoke flooded her head. Distantly, she heard inhuman shrieks. And deep inside, she felt the first wave of death.

Minutes passed.

It could have been hours. Days.

Thunderous cracks echoed through the forest as trees succumbed and went crashing to the earth. Ash choked the air.

After an eternity, all went still. Struggling to breathe, Syn shoved against Xan’s chest and rasped out, “Need air, lover.”

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4 Replies to “Veil of Shadows…Random Excerpts/Saturday Snippets”

  1. Hi Shiloh
    Hope you’re enjoying Dragoncon. Read a nice review of this book at Bookaholics:

    4 ½ stars
    Veil of Shadows is the second book following her first story, Through the Veil. But this futuristic/apocalyptic series by Shiloh Walker is only getting better! Veil of Shadows can easily be read by itself but it does help having read the first book.

    summary(did not include it)

    I really enjoyed this book! I found the atmosphere of the war torn world compelling but never depressing. The rebels all felt like real characters and although there were many it only added to the story. The author skillfully balanced all the relationships between the characters and I felt they had history and were a real team. In fact, they all made me highly anticipate the next in the series.

    This was a fast read. The chemistry between the 2 main characters was steamy and although a bit quick to start it felt believable. The story really revolves around the heroine and the hero while strong was more of a strong secondary character. But this made the story stronger for me since I felt the best thing about the book was the competent and likeable heroine.

    I loved feeling I was in a totally different world with magic, complex world and courageous characters. This is a series paranormal and futuristic fans MUST try. I highly recommend it and will be coming back for more!

    Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

    Good one!!

  2. Hey Mary… I’m back now… Dragon Con is an event, I’ll tell you that. Brain is still processing mode… O.o

    thanks for the headsup on the review…

  3. Just received Veil of Shadows for review on The Book Binge. Was delighted! Also just posted my review of “No Longer Mine” on my own blog–Dr. J’s Book Place. Read it twice before reviewing and will probably go back once more. Lots in that book and I am so glad you decided to re-release it. Thanks for all the good stuff you give us.

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