PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive through September 19th

Wow.  This is easy.  Anybody who blogs about dog adoption and the PEDIGREE adoption drive going on thru 9/19 is going to help out dogs.  That’s easy.

We adopted our cocker after we had to put our dog to sleep almost two years ago.  She came from a rescue operation and they’d rescued her from a puppy mill.  Every time I think about the miserable life she’d had, I’m so glad we chose this route.

Adopting a dog is easy and it can save a dog’s life.  Plus, it can make you really happy…

Hey, have you got a blog? Can you take a few minutes and blog about dog adoption?  If you do, and if you do it between now and 9/19, then link back to the sponsor site & add your blogIt helps shelter animals.  For every blog post, PEDIGREE will donate a 20lb bag of dog food.  EASY!!!!!**

**I’m assuming you link back… I did it and you do have to post your link on the page I linked to.  O.o

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