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Monday… I’m having one.

My keys are missing. SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY missing.

And one of the kids left a green crayon in a pocket. I discovered when I was getting the clothes out of the dryer.

5 Replies to “Monday…”

  1. Happened w/my son and a red crayon. Took tons of goo gone and paper towels but I actually got it out of the entire load of laundry. Blamed it all on my mother for teaching him how to put things in that chest pocket of overalls :).

  2. I’ve had both of those things happen, and it was probably a Monday. LOL Did you check the: dirty laundry, in the driveway, in the car in case they fell out before you got out, the garage floor, all of the countertop any where in the house, between stove and frig or anywhere there is a space. *snort* Can you tell I’ve lost mine a few times?

  3. This morning, my dog tripped me on our run. I have a bad case of road rash, and am covered in bandages. Then on way to work stopped at Starbucks and the coffee spilled all over my pants.

    Mondays suck.

  4. Been there and had that, in fact mine was gum; I had so much trouble getting it out; and I never did figure out what they put in my dryer, just know it’s never been the same.

  5. It doesn’t get any better when they get older. My older son has left a sharpie and a ink pen in his work clothes. He checks his pocket every time now since I made him clean up the dryer and all the stained clothes.

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