How $10 became $1150

Well, technically the math doesn’t add up, but somehow on Thursday $10 became $1150.

Limecello who blogs/reviews over The Good, The Bad and The Unread managed to turn $10 into $1150.  How?  Because the blogging/twitter community rocks.

From Lime’s original blog…

Most of you know about Mashable, which is actually a company/something I know less about. Social media opinions are for another post. (RED) is an organization I’ve kept on my radar for a while, because of my interest in ONE.

(RED) Video

The Global Fund (where all (RED) money goes) invests 100% of (RED) funds into HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. I’m totally cool with giving them my money.

Need or want more reasons to feel good about this?

Why you should feel good about supporting the (RED) cause today:

  • Thirty-three million people in the world have AIDS. Twenty-two million live in Africa.
  • Every day 3,800 people die in sub-Saharan Africa from AIDS.
  • It costs just 40 cents per day for the life-saving medicine someone living with HIV/AIDS in Africa needs to help them live a healthy and productive life.

She was going to donate $10…and things started rolling, it ended up being $1150 donated from various bloggers, authors, reviewers, etc.

Want to read more about it? The original post is here.

5 Replies to “How $10 became $1150”

  1. It was so awesome. It shows that if everyone does just a little, it can make a huge impact.

  2. This was a great day. I am glad my commenting helped to up the ante so to speak. Shiloh, it was wonderful of you and the other authors, bloggers and reviewers to pitch in.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  3. It was just downright fun! Especially watching the comments add up, both numerically and monetarily!! Congrats and huge pats on the back to all of us who were involved, even if all you did was post a comment (like me!)! It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.



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