Helping out…Marine Unit in Afghanistan

From time to time, I get letters from a friend of mine who stays in contact with various military units overseas.  This is the latest request I got from her and I wanted to pass it on… if anybody feels like reaching out to these guys, I know they’d appreciate it.

All information posted with permission~

Marine unit will be there till March 2011 needs support


RCT-2  Unit 73910

APO,AE 09510

SSgt Miguel Perez (contact point)

Sgt Jimenez

Sgt Lehmann

Cpl Behrens

Cpl Alberino

Cpl Perez

Cpl Varela

Cpl Williams

Cpl Baida

LCpl Barros

lCpl Cuyler

LCpl stewart

LCpl Hanson

LCpl Santangelo

LCpl Mott

LCpl Perez

LCpl Palmer

LCpl Mobley

LCpl Rowan

LCpl Rucker

LCpl Floryan

LCpl Reyes

LCpl Nelson

LCpl Alonso

LCpl Inoke

LCpl Dimmer

LCpl Peterson

LCpl Roberts

LCpl Marhefka

LCpl Barbosa

LCpl Guzman

LCpl Wood

LCpl Mejia

LCpl Chapman

LCpl Aldridge

LCpl Bidtah

PFC Laskowski

According to my friend, what these guys need the most is simply most contact…letters, cards, that sort of thing.  If you write them, and are willing, please include an email address, because they will write back.

If you’d like to do more, other information given to me:

this group is in Afghanistan, so things are more rustic there than in Iraq.  A box of snacks is great if they want to add toiletries that is fine too, but zip lock that stuff so it doesn’t leak or absorb into the food items.  (does that make sense)

things I put in my snack boxes
sweet and salty mix
trail mix
chocolate bars (candy bars though nothing that is solid chocolate)
gummy treats, hard candy, gum
poptarts, breakfast bars, muffins, protein bars
themed candy if we are at holiday time
apple sauce, pudding cups, fruit cups
pretzels, chips, crackers, pringles chips
deodorant, shampoo, razor’s, toothbrush, toothpaste…axe body spray
lotion, lip balm
that is a basic list I go by, once I make contact with a soldier I then ask him for his favorites
Anybody willing to reach out to these guys, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

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  1. When my dad was in Iraq we also sent DVDs, but I know that can get expensive. Great post! I will definitely pick up some cards tomorrow and send them.

  2. Chelsea B, just pick whatever name or names and send to the addy… APO addies look weird, but it was posted-not always easy to recognize if you’re not familiar with them.


    (Marine’s name)
    RCT-2 Unit 73910
    APO,AE 09510

  3. Hi all, Shiloh is kind enough to help me get support for the soldiers I get. This small group of marines are new for me. I had been sending packages to the contact Miguel for a few months. When he knew I was starting on holiday support he wanted his men to get the moral support from that so he was brave enough to share them.

    I never give out their emails, I feel that is a trust issue, what I do when I get a list of soldiers is write to each of them and include my email, those that make contact with me get on my package list. I deal with units of soldiers not just a handful so at any given time I am writing to 300-500 soldiers and no way can I alone send them packages. This is where the authors are such a huge help and will blog when I get a soldier birthday or ones getting no support.

    We have built many libraries in Iraq but just making a dent in Afghanistan. Any support you can give is wonderful, which means it doesn’t always have to be a package, honestly just getting mail can make a difference in their day.

    any questions you can email me at

    as always thank you for reaching out to show your support to these men and women

  4. This is a fantastic way to thank these wonderful guys. Thank you for posting this info. I’d be so happy to add my support.

  5. I really think the support is a wonderful thing for us on the home front to be doing, My brother Cpl. Baida really appreciates the support even if it’s just a letter, it means the world to all of them God Bless them all…

  6. I have a correction on their address…instead of APO it should read FPO I have been sending boxes to Miguel at that address for three months and nothing was returned, but just incase plz make a note of the change.

    thanks everyone for your help…

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