Veil of Shadows…Random Snippets…

“Yes, Commander?”

“Get your ass out here, and in my quarters. You have ten minutes.” There was a few seconds of silence and then he added, “And bring Xan with you—will save me the trouble of pretending to look for him when I already know where he is.”

Syn made a face at the door and listened to the faint sound of his footfalls as he walked away. Then she turned and met Xan’s gaze. “He may decide to tear into you for being here. He’s still pissed off at me…you might end up catching some of it now.”

Xan shrugged. “I can handle it. I heard the order go out and I chose to ignore it.” He stood from the bed and grabbed his clothes. “Although I don’t have time to go to my dormer and grab anything but the clothes I wore yesterday.”

“Not an issue. If we’re lucky, all he’ll do is assign us to latrine duty for the next few days, and trust me, you don’t want to mess with clean clothes on that job rotation.”

Xan’s face twisted with disgust. “I’ll take your word on it.”

“You’re probably going to end up in trouble.” Syn sighed and flicked her hair back from her face. “I’m sorry.”

He caught her hand and lifted it to his lips. “Do not be. There is no where else I would rather be, I promise you.”

Syn felt the blood rush to her cheeks and her heart fluttered. Forcing a smile, she said, “Lets hope you don’t regret those words.”

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