Saturday Snippets… Jesse’s Girl

This will be in January, I think, from Samhain

“Jesse’s back in town.”

Those words, once upon a time, might have toppled the very foundation of her world.

Once upon a time…thirteen, fourteen years ago.

But Zoe Childers didn’t believe in fairy tales anymore.

Glancing up at Beth, she cocked a brow. “Is he?”  Then she focused on the glass cabinet and finished wiping it down.   Damned fingerprints.  She couldn’t keep them off.

“Yeah.”  Beth leaned on the counter and sighed, a familiar look in her eyes.  “Damn, Zo.  He still looks…wow.  Just…wow.  Came riding into town this morning on a Harley, and man, may I say…I think my heart stopped.”

“Hmmm.”  Zoe scraped her nail over something sticky and opaque.  It looked suspiciously like some sort of candy residue.  Like some little child had been sucking on something sweet, and then went and touching their fingers to her display cases.  Absently, she grabbed the glass cleaner before she could do anything, Beth reached up and caught her hands.

“Are you hearing me?” Beth said, staring at her.  “Jesse is back.”

Zoe frowned.  “Yes.  I hear you.  But what does it have to do with me?”  She looked down at her hands.  At the gold band on her left hand.  The diamond anniversary band had been a gift for her tenth anniversary.

She was married.

To the man who’d been Jesse’s best friend in high school.

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  1. you could make the JANUARY bigger so I would have noticed before I checked all over your site for the book. On the other hand I felt better knowing that I hadn’t missed that one for my Shiloh library LOL. Loved the excerpt, got the ususl chest ache so it must be good.

  2. Oh geez. You’re gonna kill me again, aren’t you? I was all there til the last paragraph. You’re gonna kill me, just like always.

  3. I agree with the other ladies Shiloh u love torturing us making us wait so long no fair.U keep writing and i’ll keep buying.

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