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Apparently a local Louisville mag has trademarked the phrase **** of Louisville.  Meaning others can’t use it anymore.  Gasp!  Well, if they were going to trademark something maybe they should have trademarked something a little less generic than **** of LOUISVILLE

Just sub in the word  B    E   S    T     for ****  (yeah, I’m being deliberately silly here, because I think for a magazine that’s supposed to highlight the good and cool things about a city to trademark a phrase that lets people talk about the good and cool things about a city is pretty damn…well… silly).  Although what they told me on twitter, and in a pretty snotty matter… was basically since somebody else didn’t coin the oh-so-original phrase **** of Louisville 25 years ago, then other places can’t use it.

I wonder if somebody has coined the phrase…um…never mind.  Getting off track here.  Anyway.  So it’s TM’d, although I suspected such a generic phrase, alone?  If somebody else wanted to use the phrase and wasn’t referencing the awards, the little logo thingie that the magazine has, and all that?  Well, I dunno.  But Best of whatever is pretty generic.  Take that as you will.  Not that I’m a lawyer.

But since I wasn’t ‘clever enough to TM the oh-so-fricking original phrase ‘**** of Louisville” (of course, I was nine), and I’m not about to beg permission for such a fricking generic term, I’ve decided I’ll come up with my *own* best list.

That works.  I’m a writer.  I know how to use words-I can come up with some equally as brilliant, clever and never to be accidentally or mistakenly used by anybody because everybody will always automatically realize it was fricking trademarked

Louisville has so many nicknames…instead of using **** of Louisville, I’m going with

Lou ah-ville’s Best.  I thought about with the “THE VILLE’S BEST” but eh…nah.  I never liked the nickname THE VILLE.

So. Ahem.  Without further ado… Lou-ah-ville’s Best


I know!

  • Best Bookstores!

IMO, the Lou-ah-ville’s Best bookstore is going to be the Waldenbooks in Oxmoor Mall, or maybe the Booksamillion by Tinseltown-very helpful and they don’t knock romance, which means they don’t automatically insult a HUGE portion of their customers. HEART!

I’d love to give it to an indie-owned Lou ah ville bookstore, but the few indie-owned Lou ah ville bookstores when I attempted to go in there and introduce myself, well… um.  I write romance-never mind the fact that romance outsells other genres…rambling, rambling.  Anyway, the derisive sniffs I received irritated me.  So I didn’t hang around.  (There is an awesome indie in New Albany, though-Destinations is cool.  And there used to be an awesome one…1001 Paperbacks, but sigh… he closed.)

And since I should give a nod to something besides bookstores…lets go with… Hmmm.

  • Best Bloggers!

For a Lou ah ville blogger, I really do love Consuming Louisville.  She’s a cool blogger.  I’ve learned about a number of cool Lou ah ville events that I wouldn’t have known about without her blog.    She also does these tweet-ups/meet-ups and sooner or later, I’m going to try and sneak in, but I haven’t done it yet.  I get the feeling a lot of the people attending are tech-savvy.  I’d be a fish out of water.

  • Wineries

I’d love to do an ode to wineries, but the one winery right in Lou ah ville, I haven’t been to, so I can’t.  We’ll assume it’s good, but until I’ve been, can’t call it the best.  Although I really need to get out there.  I could be wrong–are there other wineries right in Lou ah ville?

  • Best place to hang on a Friday night?

Ri-Ra’s Pub on Fourth Street Live when Robbie Bartlett is singing. LOVE her.

  • Best theater…

Looking for a special night on the town?  Try catching something at the Palace. I don’t care what, and you don’t need to, either, because the place is so pretty, it’s worth going just to look around.

  • Best place to eat….

This isn’t my favorite restaurant per se, but it is my fave Lou ah ville restaurant.  Molly Malones.  I do love Molly Malones.

FYI…my blog…my opinion, I’m entitled to it.  I’m not affiliated with the unmentioned mag, nor do I wish to be, nor do I wish to piggyback on their website’s traffic/branding/yadda yadda yadda. Just in case anybody gets weird ideas.  And yes, I also realize there was some alleged issue of a site using an alleged best of to allegedly piggyback off an allegedly known brand/magazine. And I don’t really care-TM the logo, the awards, whatever, but don’t expect people to NOT USE THE FRICKING PHRASE.

Mostly I’m irritated because whoever handles the twitter account was a fricking snot.  And yes, I’m also being a snot, but…well, lately there’s this really big drive to push Louisville as a great community.  Um.  Well.  What a great way to show it, by telling people they can’t use a phrase as generic as  the fricking **** of Louisville.   Hey… THAT isn’t trademarked.  The Fricking-Best Of Louisville.

6 Replies to “Lou-ah-ville’s Best”

  1. If the idiot who runs their twitter feed hadn’t been so condescending, I wouldn’t have even bothered. But… um… I don’t like it when people get condescending. Rubs me the wrong way.


  2. lol you’re so silly.
    Totally understand about the twitter person being a prat and spurring you on to do this though. I’d have done the same 😀

  3. I very much want to like Louisville.com, but… yeesh. They have some pretty miserable writers who come off as very snotty both on twitter and on the actual website. I *HATE* that Louisville.com sounds like the “official” blog of Louisville and that it’s represented at times by writers with bad spelling, bad grammer, and a really bad attitude.

    I Consuming Louisville too. Hope you’ll check out my blog!

  4. Lou, I’ve read your blog several times. 🙂

    And yeah, I’d like to enjoy Louisville.com’s site, too, but they come off as elitist, trying to appeal to ‘trendy up & comers’ instead of just appealing to people in general.

    Which means that elitist attitude often pisses people off.

    I’d rather read Leo or Velocity.

    Or the comics. Any of them are more entertaining than Louisville.com

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