Okay, so I’m going to DragonCon, yep.  I’m going kind of last minute, but I’m going.

I will be (most likely) speaking on a few panels at the Writer’s Track (is that how we call it?) although I don’t know where/when yet.  I’ll get that info, but not until I’m there.

But I know I’ve got some readers/friends who are asking about some sort of meetup, so…..what I plan on doing is posting via twitter, but I know not everybody tweets like mad the way I do…or at all.  I also plan on trying to post the info via my blog, will try to set it up once I’m there on Thursday.

Hopefully that will work… O.o

Still trying to figure things out.

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  1. Have fun, wish i was going. My sister and brother in law will be there performing. The Cruxshadows!

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