Going to Nationals? Never been…? #RWA10

Okay… here’s what I’d recommend…


  • overcrowd your schedule-you can’t do everything.
  • wear miserably uncomfortable shoes-I don’t care how cute they are.
  • force yourself into on the cool agent’s conversation-you’ll look rude, she’ll remember, it won’t do you any good.
  • get so intimidated or overwhelmed by the atmosphere that you forget one simple thing…we’re there because we love writing.  Period.
  • expect everybody to be all sunshine and roses-it’s not going to happen.  You’re surrounded by people and people have flaws–you’ll have awesome people, and not so awesome people.
  • be a bookhog at the free booksignings.  It’s rude.  There’s books for all, remember to share.
  • be afraid to have fun.  Relax…you are allowed to have fun…


  • wear comfy shoes.  You can do comfy AND cute.  But if you had to choose?  Me, I’d do comfy over cute.  Fortunately, thanks to my friend Nikki and her shoe-genius, I managed to do both.  If there’s hope for me, there’s probably hope for anybody.
  • try to bring clothes that are somewhat comfortable and professional.  You’ll be on your feet a lot and as nice as it is to look all professional at a writer event, it’s also nice to be comfy.  Especially if you’re like me and you get cranky when you’re uncomfortable.
  • try to hang out in the lobby/bar areas.  You can have a lot of fun there. A Lot Of Fun.
  • go to the literacy signing.  It’s for a good cause…plus, it’s like…whoa.  Mind blowing.

2 Replies to “Going to Nationals? Never been…? #RWA10”

  1. Great advice, Shiloh! The first time I went, it was mainly for the lit signing,a nd I was bowled over by that. The second year, I stayed at the hotel where the event took place, and I felt less bowled over, but awed by the number of people I met. I hung out in the bar lounge area and had lots of fun people watching and meeting up with some writer friends. This year, I am a member of RWA, so I expect the experience to be a little different, but I am still easing into it all. I can’t wait.

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

  2. Considering that a person hits the deck running every day of the conference, comfortable should definitely be the first consideration: it’s much better to have your body still going by the time your brain gives up, than the other way around.

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