This is a special #twitloss announcement

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For those who are wondering…what is twitloss? It’s a twitter thing.  Some of us on twitter are working on losing weight together and we call it twitloss.  There’s also a blog.

So for my twitloss friends… I have hit one hell of a milestone, and it wasn’t exactly one I’d really thought about when I starting working on losing weight.

But I did it, and I think we can even call it official.

I’m out of plus sizes.

I think for real.  They don’t fit.  I’m in 16’s, and even a few 14’s (dresses).  But the 18 capris I’ve picked?  They are baggy.  And I’ve tried on the clothes at more than a few stores.  Plus sizes no longer fit.

Holy hell.  O.o

I just had to share and thanks to the other twitloss folks out there.  You all are a LOT of encouragement.  :O)

20 Replies to “This is a special #twitloss announcement”

  1. CONGRATS! I’m so happy about your success! Makes me want to get up and do a little twitloss! One of theses days I’m gonna do it! I swear! Reading stories like yours gives me that little push that I need sometimes!

    I am so happy for you!

  2. Wow, that’s fantastic! Now that my meds are corrected I’m SO looking forward to working on my weight loss. I’ll have to remember your experience as inspiration! 🙂

  3. That is so awesome! I’m proud of you!! What a fantastic milestone to hit, and you deserve it! You’ve been working your butt off (heh, literally)! Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a big hug, and go dancin’! Keep up the awesome work!!

  4. That is great news! All those nights running and doing evil cardio at the Y have paid off. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Nice to know all the hard work is showing results. It gives us all hope.

  5. thanks everybody! 🙂 I’m more than halfway where I wanna be now. then I’ll see how I look/feel and make sure I can maintain before I do any more. but I’m just so fricking thrilled to be wearing like 14s!!! yikes!

  6. That’s so great Shiloh! Congrats. I know it takes dedication.

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