About the twitter/blog contest…please read

Guys-please take note of the comment I posted in the rules… it says…

First, please note…my spam filter is aggressive.  I’ll watch it and fish out the entries.  Thank you!

This means just that-my spam filter is aggressive. Anything with more than one link gets caught and held until I clear it out-(and I do watch and clear them out.) That means if you post a link to to your blog and you normally leave your link when you post anyway-that’s two links.

Pretty please stop emailing/DMing/tweeting me about it. Please? Repeating the same answer over and over gets kind of annoying, especially right now because I’m having some flare-ups with my hands, which means each time I get asked and have to answer, that’s extra typing I have to do which is does aggravate things.

UTA: No, this post isn’t directed at any one person-I’ve had a slew of questions, comments, tweets, DM, emails.  Which is why I’m posting about it.  :O)