Why I sometimes disappear…

Some people might have noticed I’m not around on  some days as much.

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For the past few months, I’ve been pretending to be a nurse again…okay, yes, I’m still a nurse.  I never let my license lapse-I’m too practical for that and writing is not exactly the most stable business.  Knowing that, I had plans to keep my hands in for a while.  If there comes a time when writing isn’t profitable or I can’t provide for my family on it, I do plan on going back to nursing.  Stories might be in my head, but if they don’t help feed my family….well, they aren’t much good to me, then.  The nursing license, though, that’s always going to be useful as long as I do keep my hand in.

Which is why I’m always willing to help out when I’m asked.  A few months ago, my old manager asked if I could help out for a while-staffing shortages, H1N1 and the cold/flu season from hell had them swamped and I told them I could do a day a week for a little while.

A little while has turned into a few months and I may keep it up for a bit longer.

I’ve discovered that I miss it sometimes.  I miss the kids, and I miss some of the people I worked with.  I miss actual person-to-person adult interaction…writing is an extremely solitary job, and even the online interaction doesn’t quite make up  for that.

I don’t plan on turning in my keyboard for my stethoscope… the stethoscope does nothing to silence the voices in my head.

Besides, full time nursing is too hard on my heart emotionally.   But even as heartbreaking as it can be, it’s a job that has rewards like nothing you’ve ever experienced, unless you’ve actually done it.  It’s nice to be reminded of that.

So for those who have wondered why there are days when I don’t seem like I’m ‘here’…. *G* it may be because I’m not here.  I’m elsewhere.  ;o)