No Longer Mine…Random Excerpt # 3

I’m going to be doing a contest for the release of this book…kind of a big one, especially for an ebook. Even if you’ve already bought it, you might wanna think about buying it again-buying it gets you multiple entries, and this is a nice prize… The contest will be open across the globe and it won’t matter to me if you buy it through Samhain’s store, Amazon, the Nook store, Sony…as long as it’s a legit etailer and you follow the contest rules. And did I mention…it’s a nice prize.

No Longer Mine has been revised-a lot. Re-edited. A lot. I think it’s a better, cleaner read this time around. And pretty, pretty new cover… *G*

And to help count down the days, I’ll be posting some excerpts between now and release day, 4/27/10

No Longer Mine

Nikki heard the motor long before she saw the vehicle. She’d finally gotten into a rhythm with the story and she’d actually used the voice software too.

Damn it.

It would figure.

She stifled a groan as she saved her work.

Who in the hell could that be? Whoever it was, they weren’t welcome. Her dad and brothers all worked, so it wasn’t likely to be any of them. Besides, they would have called.

From the large floor-to-ceiling window in the living room, she watched. From time to time, she caught a glimpse of shiny black paint and silver chrome. It rounded the bend as Nikki tried to remember if she knew anybody who drove a truck like that.

Glancing down at herself, she sighed. The white tank top and black yoga pants weren’t really “company” clothes, but as she hadn’t really invited anybody to come for a visit, did it matter?

She did pause by the bathroom to splash some water on her face and pull her hair up into a ponytail, but that was all the effort she wanted to expend.

By the time she was done a knock sounded on the door. Through the beveled cut of the glass, Nikki could make out a dark shadow as she moved to answer the door. The polite smile she had fixed on her face wobbled, then collapsed, when she opened the door.


He was staring out over the verandah, hands tucked into his back pockets. He turned as she went still, his eyes sweeping over her from head to toe, much as she was gazing at him.

Finally, their eyes met, but she still didn’t have single word to say. Her heart was pounding fast and hard.

You still look the same, she thought helplessly as her eyes searched for changes. His face looked a little more solemn and he looked like he had filled out a little more in his chest, but other than that and the shorter hair, he hadn’t changed much at all.

Maybe if I close my eyes and wish hard enough, the past few years will just fade away, she thought, leaning against the doorjamb, swallowing. Just a bad dream…

And then she kicked herself. No. She wouldn’t undo them, even if she could. Not for anything would she give up the brief time she had with Jason.

Wade looked so exactly the way he always had.

But she had changed. Nothing in her life was the same now. Nothing at all. And as empty as her life was, she didn’t think there was room in it for the likes of Wade Lightfoot.