Out and About…

So I hit some bookstores to sign stock today and forgot that I needed to tell people I was doing some guest blogs today…hit and run, style.

I am here @ Lauren Dane‘s… talking covers, because she always gets AWESOME covers.

I am here @ manic readers for a Q&A

I am here @ intense whispers for a Q&A

(Yes, I do a lot of Q&A… it’s easy…*G* requires less original thought from me than a guest blog-during release week, my brain capacity kind of…dies)

I am here @ buried in books for a Q & A

I am here @ Reading with Tequila (dontcha love that name) talking about sex

And um, I think that’s it… for today.  O_O  blogwise, at least.

So I hit a few books stores and while I was out, I picked up

If You Were My Man
Something About You

There were others, but they were research.  And I’m sure I’ll be getting more when I head back out in a few days.  Some other books out this week?  Man, February and March have been major for books this year.  And there’s a Patricia Briggs book due out soon too… O_O

Black Jack
Atlantis Redeemed