Music, motivation, making the weight come off

I’m not exactly somebody who needs music.

I enjoy it, but I’m not one of the writers who must have a certain track going…although I do focus better when there’s something.  I don’t need a certain sort of music for love scenes, and honestly, for me?  I kind of laugh even thinking about trying to come up with songs just for that purpose.

Okay…writing a naughty scene now. Must get up and adjust the iPod.

Knowing me and my weird sense of humor, I’d end up getting the giggles just thinking about it, and then I’d be in the wrong frame of mind.

But, music can help.

I listened to Judith Owen a lot when I was writing Hunter’s Fall.  Specifically…one song.  I Promise You…it played in an episode of Charmed.

When I exercise, I do better with my music.

Needs to be fast, though.  I can do Christian rock, eighties rock, Evanescence… *G*  the song Rest in Peace from the Buffy the Musical Soundtrack.  Fast. Has to be fast.  Right now, I’m trying to figure out the songs I need for a ‘running’ soundtrack.

Yes.  Sad sigh. I’ve taking up running.  Since I had to back away from taekwondo, I needed something cardio intensive that wouldn’t put the strain on my hands, arms and wrists, and walking is too boring.  I guess I just like to torture myself.

I’m up to two miles at a time and while it’s not a pretty run, for an overweight asthmatic?  Hey…I’m running.

I’m down over 30 lbs now since mid-December.  I’ve almost eliminated any ‘white’ food.  Potatoes and me have almost parted ways, as much as I love them.  If I eat wheat, it’s in the form of whole wheat tortillas or the whole wheat pringles every now and then.   I’ve cut down on the alcohol I drink, and I’m eating about as much protein as Rocky Balboa.

In the fall, I was a size 24W.  Now I’m a size 18W.  I’m pushing for a 12-14.  🙂  We’ve got a Wii fit and that thing tells me my weight should be 136.  I’m not posting my weight to all asunder, but…well.  If I weighed 136, I’d look like a skeleton. I kid you not.  I’ve got shoulders-wide…not football wide, but wide enough for a female.  I wear a C cup.  I’ve got hips, I’ve got a butt, and even aside from the weight, I’m strong-there’s muscle on me, and muscle weighs more than fat. (too bad it’s not ALL muscle…)

That thing wants me to weigh how much?  LMAO.   I’d look…scary, and not in a good way.

I’m not going to worry about what the wii fit says my ‘ideal weight’ should be.  I know about what I’d like to look like and I’m closer to that goal now than I’ve been in a while.  Physically, aside from the problems I’m having my hands and arms (and those, I’m stuck with), I feel better now than I have in years.  Physically, I look better.  ;o)  Although the DH loves me no matter what, I think he’s appreciating it, too.

One thing I’m doing when I’m at the Y doing cardio?  I tweet.  And gripe.  If I’m sharing my misery, it goes quicker. A few people have commented about how they couldn’t do the run, or the cardio…

Eh, I dunno.  Now, don’t take this to mean, get your butt up and go, go, go.  Before you do any sort of change, you should always check with your doctor.

But if you can make yourself do that, and get started, you’d be surprised what you can make yourself do.

I’m overweight-a decent amount.  Like I said-I wore a size 24 a few months ago.  I’m asthmatic.  My right knee was banged up in a car wreck and the first few weeks of running?  Not fun.  The knee got stronger.  My lungs are getting stronger.  The weight is coming off.  Thanks to some loud, hard music, lots of protein and me deciding, this time, I’m going to do it right.