You're working on how many books?


Somebody on twitter commented on my blog post “Question I Get Asked A Lot” wanting to know how I could work on more than one thing at a time.

Honestly, I focus better.  If I work one thing for too long, I get bored and I can’t write when I’m bored.  I just can’t.  It’s another reason I can’t force myself to write on a series that has me too frustrated, for whatever reasons.  If my heart isn’t in it, or if I’m bored or frustrated, then the story just won’t come.

Somebody, who knows who she is, blamed it on my ADD.  Which could be true…never was tested, nor will I be, as I don’t see the point. ;o)

There are times when I work on just one or two projects, or just one and that’s when the story is burning really, really hot.