Winners.. from the Valentines Day contest

I picked two.  Two, a good one and a bad one.

Anna M:

I had an ex that for Valentines day bought himself a computer.. and parts, Gave me enough cash to buy burgers.. Then said that I had to put it together. As he carried the parts up he had the nerve to say that the burgers from Sonic were my Valentines day dinner and I got to eat it installing a new video card in the machine all night. After that HE proceeded to play everquest all weekend. Heck he never came to bed that night.

Anna, you deserve a pressie for patience-I think I might have punched him in the nose.  Or elsewhere…   :o\

And the good one, from Mar:

My most memorable Valentines Day was the year we bought our first house. Broke as a joke, no furniture except the dinette set from our one bedroom apartment, a bed and our dog, Daisy was the extent of our valuables. That and each other of course (gush). This particular Valentines day I believe fell on a weekday because I distinctly remember coming home from work, walking in through the door and hearing soft, music coming from the radio. As a surprise to me, my husband had the table setup with roses in the center, candles, wine and our ‘special’ table settings from our wedding gifts. He made a home cooked meal of spaghetti that smelled delicious, with all the trimmings. He even had our dog, our baby at the time, sitting in one of the chairs on the table to greet me when I came in from work! It was simple, nothing fancy but it meant the world to me that he took the time and effort to make the day special for me. I had not thought about this in years, Shiloh…thanks for having this contest, now I’m going to go hug that man.

:0)  Sounds like the sort of thing my guy would have done.

Ladies, I need you to email me at shilohwalker(at)  You’ve got about a week to contact me, or I may draw another name(s).