Recent Reads

I’ve done some serious reading the past week or so.

This is the first book of Jennifer’s I’ve read, although I’ve got Jinx in my TBR pile.  It is moving up.

Spider's Bite

I really, really need the next book, though.  Like now.


First Drop of Crimson.  Awesome.  She has snippets posted at her blog.

First Drop of Crimson

And now…can I please, please, please have Mencheres’ story?


I’m addicted to the Immortals After Dark.  Read this one on Friday. Instead of working.

Pleasure of A Dark Prince

Man, it’s got one hell of a cliffhanger at the end.  Oy.


I was behind on reading this one…I think I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to Kate and Curran.

On the Edge

I was wrong. o_O Can I have the next one? Yes. I’m shameless. This is well established.

There were a few others I’d read this past week-one or two I finished, and a couple I tried to finish, but they weren’t very good, so I’m not listing them.  I only finish books I’m enjoying.  But these books?  LOVED.