The ARC winners…

Okay, this was a hard decision…just remember, guys….you made promises, you gotta keep them.  Well, the table dancing doesn’t have to hold, but in all seriousness, I do ask that you post a review to either a store like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Powells, etc or if you are a blogger, your blog.  If you tweet, please tweet about it, too.

If you aren’t sure you can do that, I do ask that you let me know in an email and I’ll draw another winner.  I’m not doing this to be unfair, but as my ARCs are so limited, I need to get the most exposure out of them I can.  Just a reminder, as a I do these contests often, if you enter and don’t post your review, you’re unlikely to be considered for receiving future ARCs.

Also, please be aware, this is NOT paranormal romance…I know some people are partial to paranormal and if you entered thinking this was paranormal, well… it’s not.  So if you’ve changed your mind, let me know in an email-that’s fine.  :o)

So my winners:

First one, without a doubt, The Book Vixen.


This comment:

I’d like to do an ARC tour (if that would be okay with you). Each participate can only hold on to the ARC for a week, then must pass it on to the next person in line. Each person posts a review. Gets the word out pretty fast and gets the buzz going

What can I say… the word buzz gave me tinglies.

The next winner:  Mariah, who commented:

I simply love to read and I have so greatly enjoyed following your books since I found you several years ago. Thank you for writing the stories and simply giving us the readers a chance to enjoy another world one book at a time.

The next winner, Amy, who commented:

My last plea, my husband is in the Marshall Islands for a five month contract for work. I’m home alone with a four year old and six month old. I would love an escape with a mysterious, sexy man like Quinn Rafferty! Best Wishes to you!

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, but the mom in me caved, folks.  I can only imagine how insane she’s going and it’s the least I can do to help out…right?

Next winner, Robin K:

Your generosity has no bounds
a kinder writer cannot be found

Not that my ego really needs stroking, but hey… I like it.  And uh… if you mention the graphic image thing *G*  lemme know…

And the final winner, Pearl:

As you might’ve guessed by my question on Twitter about Broken I’m a total virgin when it comes to your books.

Okay, winners…there ya go.  I used a very strange method of selecting the winners…. *G*  Mine.  It was a mix of what amused me, what caught my attention… and names I see on twitter or in blogland.  It wasn’t an easy process either.    But there we go.  Five winners.  All of you need to email me @ shilohwalker(at)  And you need to email me to claim the prize, as mentioned in my blog’s disclaimer…please remember, if you don’t think you can adhere to the guidelines (ie: getting the review posted, please, please, please let me know…as no traditional ARCs were printed, these ARCs might be the only ones going out for reviews which means I do need those reviews.)

Also, while these print ARCs will be yours to do with as you wish, I do ask that you keep them until after the book releases-except for The Book Vixen who is going to do an ARC tour-I’ll discuss this more with her in email.