Reader Q here… does piracy affect you?

Anybody who visits my blog on a semi-regular basis knows my views on piracy-I think it bites-it makes it harder for me to do my job, takes time away from writing, frustrates me, etc, etc.

But yes, these are writer concerns.

I’ve got a question and it’s solely for readers-I want the opinion of readers, not the writers who are also readers-I realize we look at it from both sides of the fence and sometimes that complicates things.

So, to the readers, do you think piracy affects readers?  How?  Why?

I do believe it does, and for a number of reasons-when writers are dealing with piracy, and they do, they aren’t writing.  When contracts aren’t renewed because of flat sales-had pirated copies been obtained legally, those contracts might not have been dropped.  I think it does affect readers, but as I’ve said, I’m a writer and a reader, both, and I look at it from both sides of the fence.

I want to hear the reader viewpoints.

Please note…this is a topic that could get hot fast, although the majority of my visitors here have always been considerate of each other.  I have a little rule here-if I think a topic is getting out of control, I will shut it down, and I’ll do it fast.  As I’m not always around to play babysitter and I’m big on making sure the atmosphere stays friendly for my visitors-so instead of playing babysitter, I’ll send all the kids off to play elsewhere, if need be.  Be courteous, please.  This is my blog and I ask that you respect this request.  Thank you.