Questions I Get Asked A Lot…

File this this under…questions I get asked a lot.

So… how is the book going?

Non-writers who are also non-readers seem to think there is just one book.

They all seem to think I quit the day job to write one book.  How is the book going, because I quit the job in 2004 and I’m still working on the book.

Yep.  I quit the job to write the book, and they paid me so darn well I’m still living off the check nearly six years later as I quit the job in 2004.



In reality, for those who are curious, there is never just one book.  I’ve currently got three books I’m working on-yep, at the same time, two books still due on a contract and I’m cooking up ideas for the next contract.  Writers live six months, twelve months, eighteen months, in the future… we have to, because the books we’re writing now, we were given advances for months ago, and if we want to receive money six months, twelve months, two years down the road, we need to be thinking up new ideas.

Yikes.  And I’m having another one of those moments when I wonder… what was I thinking…