And we have a winner…

Two of them actually.

Winner of the No Prince Charming contest is….

Shell/Hockey who said:

I will be getting this one for sure…. if you send it here all the better… LOL Candy Houses gave me a taste of your fairy tales and I loved it…. Will be doing a review of it in any case when I get it but how about a twitter #hashtag blitz with some selected scenes or dialogue. Added bonus is I hear a rumour that there is a mennnnnage! LOL

People should know I am fickle.  If you tempt me with shiny hashtags and promises of spreading my name over twitter land…well, it will tempt me.    So Shell gets the e-ARC and needs to email me.

And the winner of the the donation/book dedication… I decided to select randomly draw two names from those who entered, and those names are Fatin/Mad and Joy.

I need Shell, Joy and Fatin to email me!  shilohwalker(at)