An oddly touching blog hit

Sometimes I get blog hits that make me go… ewww…. and sometimes I get ones that make me scratch my head.

This one?   Made me smile.

how to describe faith of a person

I don’t know if I talk about faith enough to land somebody here, but maybe I did. Do I have faith?  Yes.  Can I say I have religion?  No, because too often, religion is for the masses, and those masses turn it into what they want it to be, not what I feel my Lord intended it to.

But yes, I have faith.

And if the person who ended up here with that blog hit lands back?

Sometimes faith can’t be described.  My faith is affects everything I do-even though sometimes, oftentimes, it’s after the fact.  It affects everything I feel.  I see it evidenced in my children, in the love I have, and receive from my husband, in the sunsets, sunrises, in the stars, in the very air I breathe.

Faith, for one who believes, simply is.  And that can’t always be described.  But it can be felt.