Need a last minute gift for a hard-to-to-buy-for person?

Got somebody in your life who is hard to buy for?  Either they HAVE everything under the sun or they just aren’t into hobbies, movies, pictures, etc?

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Maybe you could give a gift in their name.

I never know what to buy for my kids teachers.  Or the minister at church.  They get plenty of stuff and I never know what to buy, but I want to get them something so they know I thought of them.

The past few years, I’ve done something a little different.  I’ve donated money in their name.  I go with World Vision-this is a Christian-based organization that works to provide food, education and tools to the disadvantaged.

  • For $25, you can buy 2 chickens that will go to a poor family in a poor country-the eggs can be used for food and they can sell the extra for some money.
  • For $32, you can provide education for one child.  (I usually do one like this for the teachers, or the one that provides school supplies)

When you buy from their ‘gift’ catalog, you can print out a card or have a card mailed to the recipient of your choice, that lets them know a gift was given in their name.

I go with World Vision because it’s got an excellent reputation and it supports causes that mean a lot to me, namely children.

But there are a lot of charities that provide similar options.  I found:

There are probably others…if you have a charity that’s near and dear to your heart, check them out.  They may offer a ‘gift’ catalog as well.  Giving a ‘gift’ in someone’s name is a rather different gift, a unique one and it kind of gives twice-it lets your loved one know you thought of them, and it also helps out somebody who really, really needs it. Make sure you research any charities before donating, if you aren’t familiar with them.  I like