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So far, it looks like people are enjoying the contest…   🙂  Winners are posted below.

There seems to be a common theme in the comments…people want to know exactly how/why Ana betrayed Duke.  The answers to that are in one of the previous Hunter books, Hunting the Hunter.   For those who haven’t read it…I’ve posted a few brief snippets from that book, where they were introduced.  But it’s a complicated story there and your best bet is to read Hunting the Hunter. Also, please note…the below snippets are not the finalized version, but I can’t find the right file so I’m making due with these.

Snippet 1:

Duke had had enough of Miss Analise Morrell.   But she wasn’t going anywhere.  He could smell her. The soft sweet scent of her skin called to him as much now as it had that first night.

Fuck, had it just been three nights ago?


Shit.  Can you not even let me ignore you in peace? he thought wearily.  Opening his one good eye, he stared at her coolly.  “Get away from me,” he said hoarsely.  His throat was raspy and dry.  Duke hadn’t had a drink of water or a bite to eat since he’d left the bar.  That wasn’t good for a shifter.

She seemed to know that, too.  In one hand, she held a glass of water and as she held his gaze, she lifted the water to his lips.  But Duke just turned his head away. “Get away from me, Analise,” he rasped, staring at the wall in front of him so he wouldn’t have to see her face.

“Duke, you need water.  Drink it.  And I’ll bring you some food once…once she leaves for the night,” Analise said as she tried once more to offer him the water.

Duke jerked his head away almost violently.  The glass bobbled out of her hand and fell tot he floor, shattering at his feet. Staring angrily into her eyes, he rasped, “I said get away from me.  That bitch wants me dead, so why in the fuck does it matter if I’m thirsty or hungry?”

Analise backed away, staring at him with eyes he couldn’t read.  “Don’t you care if you live or die?”


Snippet 2:

Duke sucked in a painful breath.  Breathing was torture.  There were at least two, if not three, broken ribs on his right side.  “Get me the fucking water.”

“So now you want to live?”

“I never wanted to die.  But know this, Analise.  if she hurts Kendall, I’ll make damn sure I find a way to make you pay.”

Analise laughed sadly.  “I’ve been paying every single day since she found me, Duke.  Don’t worry about that.”


Snippet 3:

Analise didn’t understand true magic.  But she understood psychic power.  She had it, after all.  It was what had drawn Cat to her.

And it was the only thing that protected Brad right now.

He had the power himself.  And his own power was strong, entirely too strong.  Cat wanted nothing more than to control the child, but so far, she hadn’t been able to.

If Brad had been a normal child, it would have been child’s play to control him.

But Brad was unique, in so many ways.  And he wouldn’t be controlled.  Walking through the door to the room she shared with the nine-year-old boy, Analise met his eyes and forced a smile.  “Hey, sweetie.”

“You have to get him out of here, Ana.  She’s going to kill him.”

Analise shook her head.  “She won’t.  She’s using him to bait a trap.  Doesn’t work as well if the bait is dead.”

Brad rolled his eyes.  “You’re so naive sometimes.  All Cat has to do is make this Kendall person think he is here, and she’ll come.  You’d do the same for me.  Get him out.  Tonight.”

Shaking her head at her brother, she said, “No.  She’d take it out on you, Brad.  I won’t risk it.”


Snippet 4:

Kendall started to slide into the car but Kane caught her gaze.  Something in his eyes made her pause.  “Duke, first,” she whispered.  Then she looked away and climbed into the car.

Enough people had died because of her.  Because of Cat.  She wasn’t going to let another one die.

Looking into the rearview mirror, she met Analise’s gaze.  “If Duke dies, I hope you realize you go with him.”

Analise nodded.  “Just promise me, somebody will take care of my little brother.”

Guilt ripped at Kendall.  The brother played into this.  A lot.  She gave one sharp nod.


Hope that helps a little.  If not….well, I’m afraid you’ll have to read Hunting the Hunter.  I can’t post anything else from that book without major spoilers…and a major headache since I can’t find my finalized file.   🙁

And now, onto the winners…I’ve drawn (courtesy of randomizer.org) the first four winners in the daily giveaways.  Will draw a fifth one and post it shortly…want to make sure everybody had the chance to enter the Friday drawing.

The winners are:

Reba N



Jeanette Juan

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