30 days of giveaways #18

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Hunters Need...releases 12/1
Hunter's Need...releases 12/1


“It’s for the best, Brad,” Ana said, sighing as she settled down on the bed beside Brad, draping an arm around his shoulders.  She’d known the time was coming, but after the debacle with Neal a few weeks earlier, she’d finally admitted it to herself.

It was time to leave.  “Look…I don’t really belong here, anyway.  You know it as well as I do.”

“If you weren’t supposed to be here, they’d make you leave.  Just like they made Neal leave.”  He shrugged away from her embrace and climbed off the bed to pace the small room that had been her home for the past four years.  “I don’t want you to go.”

For once, he sounded more like a kid than the miniature adult that he’d been all of his life.

“I know you don’t,” she said softly.  “But…” her words trailed off and she looked away, licking her lips and trying to figure out how to explain.

She didn’t need to.  Even with her shields up, even with his own, her younger brother could read her.  His eyes narrowed on her face and reached out, grabbing her shoulder when she would have evaded.

That simple touch was all it took to deepen the connection and she winced as she saw the knowledge flare in his eyes.  It was followed quickly by hurt.  “You…you want to leave,” he whispered.  “You want to?”

Sometimes, being gifted just plain sucked.  “Brad…”

She reached out to touch him but he jerked away, staring at her.  Confused, unhappy, and hurt, he shook his head.  “Why?  Why don’t you want to be around me?”

“Oh, Brad.  Honey, it’s not you.  You are the only person that’s made it tolerable being here.”  This time, when he would have pulled back, she didn’t let him.  She linked their hands, taken aback by how much bigger his hands looked next to hers now.  Too quick—he was growing up too quick, most of his childhood lost to pain, misery and cruelty.  “I love you, you know that.  I’ve done the best I could to take care of you after Mom died.  If you needed me, you know nothing would get me away from you.  But you don’t need me, not any more.  I can’t teach you anything—as far as our gifts go, you left me in the dust ages ago.  I’m not putting a roof over your head, I’m not putting food in your belly—they are.”  She waved her hand towards the school and forced herself to smile.  “I’m not jealous, although I wish I could have done half as much for you as Excelsior has done.  But I’m useless here.  I’m nothing but dead weight and I can’t keep being like that.  I need to find something—”


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