30 days of giveaways #14

Hunters Need...releases 12/1
Hunter's Need...releases 12/1


Neal opened his mouth.  Snapped it close.  Opened it again.

“Get out.”

“Fine,” he muttered.  “Stupid bitch ain’t worth my time anyway.”

A cold smile curled Kelsey lips and she said, “I’m sorry.  I wasn’t here.  I don’t mean leave this room. I mean, get out. As in out of my school.”

Neal blinked.  Look from Kelsey’s face to Malachi, then at Ana and Brad.  “What?”

Kelsey repeated, “Get out.”

“Over that bitch?  You can’t fucking trust her.”

“Nobody, and I mean, nobody lays a hand on a woman or a child in my school for any fucking reason.  Unless of course she was attacking you…tell me, Neal, did she attack you?  Is that why you touched her?”

“You can’t trust her,” Neal snarled.  “You can’t trust her kind—she’ll turn on us.  She’s done it once.”  He jerked a chin towards Duke.

Ana’s skin crawled with shame.  Automatically, she tightened her arms and Brad reached up, patted her hand.

But nobody was looking at them.  Or at Duke.  They were staring at the exchange between Kelsey and Neal with fascination.  “No, Neal.  We can’t trust your kind.  You’re not one of us…and you never were.”

Neal paled.  Something flashed through his eyes.  “I am one of you.  I’m here, aren’t I?”

“You were brought here to train—but not to be a Hunter.  You were brought here to learn control.  Non-mortals can pose a danger—our job is to limit that danger.  We do that through teaching, through training.  That was why you were brought here—never think otherwise.”  Kelsey gave him a dismissive look and then turned her back.

Neal jerked away from Dominic and stalked across the room, placing himself in front of Kelsey.  “This is fucked up, lady.  I didn’t hurt her—hell, I didn’t hurt that little punk, either.  I wouldn’t hurt a kid.”  He sent Ana and Brad a furious look, one that scalded her and left her almost ill with all the hatred she felt coming from him.


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