30 Days of Giveaways #12

Hunters Need...releases 12/1
Hunter's Need...releases 12/1


Ignoring Brad, Neal lifted a hand and stroked Ana’s cheek.  “I keep hearing how much you’re into blood…why don’t you—oomph—”

Ana felt it, a punch of psychic energy, blasting through the air.  She grabbed Brad as Neal went flying backward and crashed into one of the glass-fronted media cabinets.  Glass, DVDs, and CDs exploded around him at the impact and he fell to the floor—seconds later he was up, moving quicker than the eye could track.

She felt the punch of Brad’s power again and she shook him, distracted him for just a second, long enough for the swell of power to fade.  “Brad, stop.  Now.”

He shrugged her off and squared off with the vampire.  Once, whenever he used a power display like that, it would show on his face, in his eyes as he pushed his limits.  The nosebleeds had stopped more than two years ago, and Ana wondered if just how far those limits had expanded.  She sure as hell didn’t want to find out now, though.

“You little fuck, I’m gonna knock the shit out of you.”

Ana whirled and glared at him.  “The hell you will!”  She might be a coward, but nobody threatened her baby brother.

He sneered at her.  “Get out of my way, bitch—you know you want to.  Weak-assed bitch.”

From the depths of the room, people started to stir.

“Neal, back off…”

“Come on, man…”

“Backing off sounds like a damn good idea.” Bradley shoved around her, once more planting his skinny butt in front of her, protecting her—damn it, she was supposed to protect him.  It was her job, one she failed at, miserably.


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