The view from Hunter's Need

This is where I was when I started plotting it.  In this exact spot…in Alaska, a little over a year ago.

On the road to Seward, AK
On the road to Seward, AK

And I was actually plotting…in advance.

I was using PBW‘s handy little novel notebook. some books on characterization/plotting, etc and I started actually plotting the book.  Before I wrote it.

Why am I telling you?  *G*  Because looking back, I think it was a an experiment…a successful one.  I don’t plot, or I don’t plot easily and when I do, I don’t plot well.  I plot best as I go along, but this time?  I plotted most of the book out.  In advance.

Maybe I should mention this to my husband and see he’d go for another trip to Alaska.  Although, now that I think about it, I bet I could do some serious plotting in Ireland.