Taking Chances

**FYI…this isn’t a contest thread.

I have a new print title out from Samhain… Taking Chances, which has the paranormal novellas, Vicious Vixen and Talking with the Dead.

Vicious Vixen
Vicious Vixen

Death, love and redemption await.

Talking with the Dead: Michael O’Rourke’s days are filled with ghosts and guilt. A psychic who can connect lost souls, his life is about finding justice for the dead. Enter Sheriff Daisy Crandall-she sees him, she wants him, but he’s in the middle of a crime scene and she can’t trust him.

Vicious Vixen: Graeme lived a hard life. His afterlife isn’t any easier. Betrayed, murdered, he has one chance at redemption-redemption for the woman he loved, the woman who killed him. How can he keep Vixen safe when she only wants her own death?

You can read excerpts here @ my site.

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