Dragon adventures

I just finished up edits on Broken.  And… drumroll please… I did it using Dragon for the most part.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

(Dragon equals Dragon NaturallySpeaking-voice to text software).  The good news is that Dragon works pretty well for edits and blog posts, as well as basic Web surfing.

The bad news?  I’m having a harder time talking story than writing story.  I was worried about this to begin with and hopefully I will adjust well enough.  It’s going to take some time, I guess.  I just hope it’s not too much time.

For me writing has always been brain to hands.  Teaching myself to do it brain to mouth is a lot harder than you’d expect.

Since my friendly doctor has assured me, I’m prone to various neuropathies, I guess I just have to learn.

However it hasn’t all been rocky.  Some of it’s been downright funny.  For instance, Dragon doesn’t know naughty words.  You have to teach them.   Just like you’re teaching a baby to say ‘bottle’.  Only I was teaching Dragon to say f#ck.  We’ll use the # and hope it spares me my weird hits.

Anyway, I was doing the training and tried this sentence.

Duke f#cked Ana.

What did I get?

Do five quantity gamma.

Another funny…I forgot to turn the mike off when I was talking to my daughter-she wanted some milk and I told her to find her cup.

Here is what Dragon said:

Go find some vodka.

Trying (and I say that through gritted teeth) to write the next Hunters book for Berkley-Kelsey and Malachi make an appearance.  I had Kelsey doing something innocous.  I think she was just shooting a glance at somebody.

What did Dragon have her doing?

Shooting her associates.

The good news is that the software learns.  The bad news… I still have to get the brain to write when it’s brain to mouth, the same as it does when it’s brain to hands.