Man, this fall is gonna be full of awesome books. 

Rob Thurman has another one coming out. 

Ilona Andrews has another one coming out. 

Patricia Briggs has another one coming out.

Then there’s a new series by Ava Gray that sounds awesome.

And…. happy sigh…. Lynn Viehl has another one coming out.

I’m very happy…and even happier because I’ve got an ARC.  *G*  I’m going to read, enjoy and brag.  Or maybe brag first, then read and enjoy…although the bragging is very enjoyable for me.  Very, very…

The blurb:

With a single touch, Jessa Bellamy can see anyone’s darkest secrets. She’s tried to hide her psychic ability from everyone, but a biotech company called GenHance has discovered her talent, and intends to take her, kill her and harvest her priceless DNA to sell it to the highest bidder.

A mysterious photographer named Gaven Matthias is also interested in Jessa; he’s been trying to find her for months. When GenHance makes their move, Gaven has no choice but to kidnap Jessa himself so he can protect her and convince her to join him in helping protect others like her. Jessa discovers that she can’t see any of Gaven’s secrets, so she doesn’t know if he’s telling the truth, but as a monstrous assassin created by GenHance’s experiments closes in on them, she must decide if the strong attraction they share is proof enough that Gaven is her greatest ally — or is a smokescreen hiding a terrible secret.

You can read an excerpt at her group blog.