Regarding the Louisville Library

I have had a few people contact me about the bookdrive for the Lousville Library.  Please note, I did speak with library personnel and was told any books collected through the bookdrive would be very much appreciated, and very much needed.

At this time, the library has no way to process new books, and I imagine storage is a concern, as the largest branch-the main branch- is going to need serious work done before they can use some of the library.  However, I’m local and I can store books until the library can take them.  I also discussed this aspect with library personnel.

Storage/processing are the main concerns, and I’m able to store and deliver the books.  I did speak with library personnel and was told the books collected from the bookdrive would definitely be needed.

I realize some have concerns, however, I discussed these issues with library personnel before I started the book drive.  Considering the library lost 50,000 books, I would imagine any books they can get would be greatly needed.  Several people at the library have my contact info-both email and telephone.  Should they have concerns, I did request they contact me.  They haven’t done so.

They most definitely do need monetary donations, and if you prefer to use that option, you can send to:

The Library Foundation
301 York Street
Louisville, KY 40203