Hide Cnet. Flaunt your romance.

Somebody over @ Cnet is willing help out us poor, mediocre folks who are so embarrassed of our romance reading.  Alas, I can’t load the video onto wordpress, but if you want to watch it, here ya go.  She’ll tell you ALL about how to hide your romances in case anybody wants to take a peek at your Kindle.

(To that I say…Bite me, please.)

I really love the end, how she tells us, read whatever you want, I won’t judge you.  Sweetie, by assuming people need to ‘hide’ their books because they are ’embarrassing’, you already did. But that’s nothing new.

Enjoy your romance.  Seriously.  Stop hiding it-you might even find it rather freeing…because it means you’ve stopped caring so much about what other people think of you.

Gotta say, I love the SB’s rebuttal.

Hide CNet. Flaunt your romance. Works for me.