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Affectations impress me about as much as reality TV does.  And reality TV stopped impressing me less than halfway through the third season of Survivor.

I don’t like fakes. Sometimes, I run into a lot of them in this biz.  People who think ‘reinventing’ themselves is the key to success, happiness, the Holy Grail…etc. Etc.  ETC. People who think that playing a part is the way to impress people.

Sometimes reinventing yourself can seem to have rewards.  Maybe playing a part can appear to offer the same.

But the thing with walking around pretending to be somebody you aren’t?  Sooner or later, people see through the fascade.  They see the real you.  Personally, I’d rather people love me, like me, hate me for being myself than trying to impress them by being somebody other than me.  Because if I’m not being me, I’m not going to happy and nothing makes up for that.